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Seligman-Martin-Flourish-Ch-1, ImportanceofRecruitmentandSelectioninleadingtoProgressionofthe-16, iift, Syllabus - Stenographers, IBPS RRB SYLLABUS 2021
The participants were 60 undergraduate volunteers who included 30 males and 30 females from VIT University enrolled indifferent branches. These participants ranged in age from 18 to 21 years with a mean age of
19.5. Two questionnaires were selected for the purpose of the study. One questionnaire was to judge the level of optimism of the sample and the second judged the level of satisfaction with life of the participants. The participants were randomly assigned to first mark the questionnaire wherein their level of optimism could berated. After that the same set of samples are asked to fill the life satisfaction scale to estimation their satisfaction with life. Both the set of questionnaire were correlated and hence the same samples were asked to fill both the sets, as the result of the experiment performed could be obtained based on their mindset and thinking and their level of optimism. The data collected was analyzed based on the already predefined linear scale rating of the standard questionnaire they were

ISSN 2320-5407 International Journal of Advanced Research (2015), Volume 3, Issue 1, 164-169 166 given. The ones with more positive attitude towards life are expected to have a greater level of satisfaction with life then the rest.
Data Analysis

The result for both the questionnaire has been found as wanted. The researchers had two sets of questionnaire. One questionnaire to find the level of optimism in people and the other to find their satisfaction with life based on their level of optimism.
The level of optimism in people
The level of optimism in people is judged based on a certain set of questions. The questions were based on events related to their past and present life. The questions also are framed in such away that they can find out the mindset and think of a person. The questions put persons in life situation and finds out their probable reaction to the situation. This gives us the thinking of the person. In the test for optimism it is found that majority of the people are optimist. Optimism is a quality found in all individuals in certain amount varying only in the level found in each-in some its quite high and in the rest it low. The optimist thinking is based on their experience with life and life situations. People who have always found good result in all aspects of life is seen to possess high amount of optimism. And the people who have faced a lot of hurdles and failures and disappointment in life tend to be relatively pessimist. In the survey it is found that almost 50 percent of the total samples understudy are found to be optimist scoring in the range from 45-54. These people have a realistic and practical approach towards life and see things in the right direction. They think positive and live positive. They have a positive approach toward everything in life. They move forward with a positive attitude. The good part about their attitude is that they are not overly confident towards things in life. It is seen that being overly optimist can be harmful in many aspects. It can shield that actual truth and may hide the realistic nature of the world due to this set of optimistic believe. But other than the optimist, the survey has shown that there also exist a huge number of people falling in the pessimist group of people. These people are the ones who have a negative approach towards life and everything around. Their negative affinity maybe due to their various life experiences right from their childhood. However, if a person faces more disappointments in life then happiness, he is inclined towards negativity. Moreover, he is made to look at things in a negative attitude due to the circumstances in life. But this study also got us to the conclusion that extremities are found very rarely in people i.e. the people who are extremely optimist and the people who are extremely pessimist are found lesser in a crowd. Such kind of extremely positive or extremely negative people are found one in a million. Such characters are sometimes good and sometimes it can put the person in danger. However it is seen from the survey that moderately optimistic and lightly optimistic people are also found in large number. The ability to look at things as half full rather than half empty is an innate quality and that sought after quality is found in the students of
VIT University in the majority of them in a large amount. This survey conducted in a total of 60 students testing their level of optimism it is found that 27 of them falls in the category of students who are optimist. That accounts to almost 46 percent of the sample understudy. On a wide view a large percentage of the students fall in the optimistic group. Overall almost 80-85 percent of the samples fall in the optimistic group but only differing in their level of optimism. More than one third of the students falls in the highly optimistic group followed by one fourth in the moderately optimistic, nearly one fifth in the lightly optimistic group and few of them in the optimistic group. All these people fall in optimistic group but ranging in their level of optimism is different among them. Moreover, it has helped them to achieve good approach towards life. It can probably be concluded that majority of the students studying in an institution like VIT have always had a good lifestyle attaining most of the things in life that they must have ever urged for. Thus the good events and the positive experiences of life have made them to gain a very high level of positive thinking. But also there are students who probably have faced the other face of life and this brought into them a set of negative thinking and a negative thought process. Pessimism in nothing but having more percentage of negativity in everything around. It involves considering that the probably of not occurrence of an event is much higher than the probability of its occurrence. It is seeing the bad side of things than the numerous positive that it holds. And it is this aspect of life that hampers growth and proper understanding. Thus overall it is fond that though majority of the samples under this study are optimist there also are pessimistic people. The ratio though note not equal is comparable. However, based on the questions in the questionnaire, their successive answer by the samples and based on it can be observed that an optimist person relates even a small insignificant incident in life in a positive

ISSN 2320-5407 International Journal of Advanced Research (2015), Volume 3, Issue 1, 164-169 167 way and from it further attaches greater possibility of more such or even greater events in their life. These questions relate them to their day today situations and their most probable behavior which in case of all human beings is decided by their thought process and the way they see life and its different aspects. Their thought process is in turn controlled by their previous experiences with life and its effects in their life. Thus the questionnaire assesses the tendency to have positive expectations based on previous experiences. Only when positive outcome obtained in these much selected situations in the questionnaire by the samples, the samples will have a positive say in it. If the previous experience with the situation is bitter than the person will have an inborn detachment to such events and situations and happenings and as such the person will show negativity toward them. This whole discussion and its outcome is reflected in the survey conducted in the sample of 60 students. Basically this questionnaire answers the question How much do you believe in positive outcomes And lastly in the survey it is found that men and women when separated and rated based on their level of optimism, men are found to beholding a position higher in the list i.e. the men are found to possess greater positive attitude towards life, greater hopes from life and has higher believe in positive outcomes than women for the same situation at hand.

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