International Handbook on ‘Tourism and Peace,’

By definition, peace tourism is traveling

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By definition, peace tourism is traveling ...

... to experience places ...

... to experience activities ...

... that authentically
represent peace stories

& peacemakers of the

past (i.e. Peace History)

Visit peace monuments
Visit museums for peace
Visit the sites of historic peace events
Visit peace art in galleries & museums

Celebrate peace holidays
Celebrate peace anniversaries
Study historic peacemakers
Attend peace history events
Attend lectures & seminars

... that authentically
represent peace stories

& peacemakers of the

present (i.e. Peace Issues)

Attend peace studies programs
Visit places where injustice occurs
Visit UN & other official agencies
Visit projects of non-govt. organizations

Meet with peace activists
Stay in peace activists' homes
Attend peace workshops & festivals
Take part in peace actions & protests
Lobby government officials

Peace activities require varying degrees of planning and preparation. They are events comparable to theater performances and sports events in that the tourist must plan to be at the right place at the right time. Anni- versaries occur only once a year, and meetings with individuals or local organizations usually require pre- arrangement. Nevertheless, some tourists travel as part of well organized groups, and many local organizations advertise their activities and welcome out-of-town participants. So it is not inconceivable that a day or week of "peace tourism" might include several of the time specific activities suggested by the foregoing table.

Throngs of tourists visit Berlin, Geneva, Hiroshima, and UN Headquarters in New York City, but how many call themselves "peace tourists"? Probably not very many. The public visits battlefields, golf courses, cathedrals, opera houses, and football stadia, and doing so in organized groups has created commercial opportunities for tourism operators. But "peace" is simply not a “brand” that the public recognizes today.

Peace places are static and available to the tourist most any time. This paper focuses on monuments and museums which exist in public space and can be visited most any day of the year without prearrangement.

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