International conference on mathematical ecology

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O. Angulo (U. Valladolid, Spain), O. Arino (I.R.D., France), A. Blasco (U. Alcalá, Spain), R. Bravo de la Parra (U. Alcalá, Spain), S. Charles (U. Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France), Pablo Gómez (U. Politécnica de Madrid, Spain), M.L. Hbid (U. Marrakech, Morocco), J.C. Poggiale (Marseille Oceanographic Center, France), E. Sánchez (U. Politécnica de Madrid, Spain), L. Sanz (U. Politécnica de Madrid, Spain), M.A. Zavala (U. de Alcalá, Spain).


The official language of the conference is English.


The conference begins on Friday, September 5, with an opening ceremony in the morning and a session of invited talks and a session of contributed talks in the afternoon. On Saturday and Monday, there will be two sessions each day, one before lunch and one after (lunch time in Spain is around 14h). On Tuesday, there will be a morning session so as to close the conference before lunch. Sunday, September 7, is a free day to enjoy the endless possibilities of Madrid and its surroundings.

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