International conference on mathematical ecology

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- Behavior-mediated population dynamics.

Vlastimil Krivan (Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic)

- Bifurcation and singularities in models of biosystems

Faina Berezovtskaya (Howard University, USA)

- Control and optimization in ecological problems

Jean Luc Gouzé (INRIA, France)

- Demography and dispersal: integrating spatial movement and the life cycle.

Hal Caswell and Michael G. Neubert (WHOI, USA)

- Dynamic Energy Budget theory for metabolic organization.

S.A.L.M. Kooijman (Free U. Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

- Ecological applications of theoretical and simulation studies of branching stochastic processes.

Maroussia Slatchova-Bojkova (Sofia, Bulgaria) and Manuel Molina ( Extremadura, Spain)

- From individuals to populations and communities.

Eva Sánchez (U.P. Madrid, Spain) and Pierre Auger (U. Lyon 1, France)

- Individual-based spatial simulations of ecological systems.

Tania Kostova (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA)

- Life history problems and structured populations.

Àngel Calsina and Joan Saldaña (U. Girona, Spain)

- Mathematical aspects of fragmentation and coagulation models with application to ecology.

Ovide Arino (IRD, France) and Ryszard Rudnicki (Silesian University, Poland)

- Mathematical modeling and computer simulations in the context of the management of renewable resources.

Moulay L. Hbid (U. Marrakech, Morocco) and Omar Ettahiri (INRH, Morocco)

- Mathematical modelling of population dynamics involving delay differential equations

Paolo Fergola (U. Naples, Italy)

- Matrix models of population dynamics: straightforward applications and inspiring mathematics.

Dmitrii O. Logofet (Moscow State U., Russia) and Hal Caswell (WHOI, USA).

- Modelling the spread of diseases in animal populations.

Suzanne Touzeau (INRA, France)

- Molecular Ecology.

Marek Kimmel (Rice U., USA)

- Pattern and process in terrestrial plant communities: integrating empirical and theoretical approaches

Miguel Ángel Zavala (U. de Alcalá, Spain)

- Pattern formation, spatio-temporal chaos and noise in theoretical population dynamics.

Horst Malchow (U. Osnabrück, Germany) and Alexander B. Medvinsky (Russian Academy of Science, Russia)

- Small and mesoscale processes in the ocean and their impact on the marine ecosystem.

Henning Wehde and Corinna Schrum (Institute of Oceanography, Hamburg, Germany)

- Spatio-temporal complexity in population dynamics.

Shigui Ruan (U. of Miami, USA)

- Stochastic versus Deterministic Modeling in Population Biology

Shay Gueron (U. of Haifa, Israel)

- Theory and observations of invasion processes

Sergei V. Petrovskii (Russian Academy of Science, Russia) and Horst Malchow (U. Osnabrück, Germany)

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