Intergovernmental oceanographic commission (of unesco) information on eastern african sea level

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2.3 Planned stations

The stations which are planned to be installed or rehabilitated are as follows: Inhambane, Chinde, Angoche, MocĂ­mboa da Praia and Vilanculo. With these additional stations it is intended to:

  1. Obtain high spatial resolution of sea level observations network, to generate better data needed for scientific, management proposes, and for local and regional use,

  1. Obtain sufficient time series of data to update the tidal constituents, required providing aid for navigation,

  1. Monitor the sea level variability as impact of the variation of the Zambezi river flows over the Sofala Bank, (Quelimane, Chinde, Beira, Vilanculo),

3. Availability of data from the stations

The tide gauge data are recorded hourly and the data are available in both digital and hard copy form at INAHINA. Copy of the data is sent to the Portuguese Hydrographic Institute in Lisbon, and data from GLOSS stations are sent to the world data centre.

4. Capacity Available

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