Intergovernmental oceanographic commission (of unesco) information on eastern african sea level

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Training requirements

There is a need to train more people on tide gauge installation/maintenance, data quality control, tide analysis and in general sea level data processing and analysis (e.g. return probability of storm surges, sea level anomalies, maps of inundation for different sea level).

5. Sea Level Products
There is no much sea level products produced in the country. The few available are only the tide table, hydrographic charts, navigation guides; all produced by INAHINA. These products can be purchased at INAHINA at fairly low price.
A periodical journal/brochure, every three mouth, with tidal constituents, tide prediction, wave statistics, sea level anomalies would be very useful.

6. Bibliography of sea level literature

7. Recommendations
The communication scheme between the various tide gauge station scattered around the country and the INAHINA’s headquarters should be improved as to ensure fast and secure transfer of sea level data to the data bank.
The non-operational stations should rehabilitated as soon as possible as to ensure high-resolution sea level observation.
Staff from Mozambique should be trained in tidal analyses, and INAHINA should be capacitated to be able to make the prediction tide locally, instead of being made in Portugal.
We would like to explore the possibility of using the simultaneous record of sea level in Pemba and Madagascar to study the flow across the northern entrance of the Mozambique Channel.

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