Interesting Presidential Facts

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Interesting Presidential Facts:

George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. His parents were Augustine and Mary Bell Washington.

Interesting note: Washington was born on February 11, 1731, based on the Julian calendar then in use in the British Colonies. When the Gregorian calendar was adopted in the English Colonies (1752), he opted to begin observing his birth date anniversary on the equivalent date of February 22, 1732.

His father died when George was 11.

The tale of George cutting down the cherry tree was created by Parson Weems. It is not true.

Abraham Lincoln was born in Hodgenville, Hardin County, Kentucky on February 12, 1809. He was the first President to be born in Kentucky. He was the first president to be born outside of the thirteen original states.

He was born in a one room cabin with a dirt floor.

Abraham Lincoln lost two sons during his lifetime: Edward 4, in 1850 and William 11, in 1862.

While he was serving as a representative, former president John Quincy Adams had a stroke at his desk in the House of Representatives. He died two days later. Lincoln was a pallbearer at Adams funeral.

He was very strong. He once lifted an entire keg of whiskey off the ground drank from it and then spit out the whiskey. (He didn't drink.)

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born in Brookline, Massachusetts on May 29, 1917. He was the first president born in the twentieth century.

John F. Kennedy's father gave him $1,000,000 when he turned twenty-one. (Each of his nine brothers and sisters got a million dollars too!)

JFK's first daughter was stillborn and his 2-day-old son, Patrick, died while his father was president in 1963.

Kennedy would change all his clothes at least three times a day. He liked to look good and he was uncomfortable wearing the same clothes for long period of time.

Kennedy never carried cash and ended up borrowing money from the Secret Service agents, friends and family.

John Kennedy wore corrective shoes, because his right leg was 3/4 inch longer than his left. His back was so bad that he would sometimes use crutches. He never used them in public.

He swam daily in the White House pool and exercised to help with his back problems. He had the pool heated to 90 degrees and would swim every day to help his back. (He swam in the nude.)

He had been diagnosed as having Addison's disease, a debilitating and often fatal condition, according to one of his many doctors. He denied that he had it and was in very good health--and went on to win the presidency.

The day President Kennedy was shot was the first time that television stations broadcast 24 hours in a day.

President Lincoln and President Kennedy had several things in common:

  • Lincoln was elected in 1860 and Kennedy in 1960.

  • Both were assassinated on a Friday.

  • Both were with their wives when they were shot.

  • Their vice presidents were both named Johnson, served in the senate and came from the south.

  • Vice President Andrew Johnson was born in 1808 and Vice President Lyndon Johnson was born in 1908.

  • Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846. Kennedy was elected to the house in 1946.

  • Both men had children die while they were in office.

  • Booth, Lincoln’s assassin, shot Lincoln in a theater and fled to a storage facility. Oswald shot Kennedy from a storage facility and fled to a theater.

Ronald Wilson Reagan was born in Tampic, Illinois on February 6, 1911. He was the 40th president of the United States. His family was poor. His father was an alcoholic and was often unemployed. When he was young he worked as a life guard for seven summers. In that time he made 77 rescues.

Ronald Reagan was a Democrat in his early years. He later switched parties and ran for Governor and President as a Republican.

His nickname was "the Gipper." It came from a famous football movie. In the movie, Reagan said "Save one for the Gipper." His wife called him "Ronnie."

President Reagan always worked in a coat and tie when he worked in the White House. He did that in respect for the presidency. He cleaned off his desk at the end of each work day.

President Reagan was the oldest president in history; he was just shy of his 78th birthday on leaving office.

After John Hinckley tried to kill him, former sportscaster Dutch Reagan, said to his wife: "Honey, I forgot to duck."

Barack Obama was 47 years old when he took office.

His mother-in-law will live with him in the White House. Several other presidents including Truman had their mother-in-law live in the White House.

President Obama was the first president to use the word Muslim in an inaugural address.

President Obama collects "Spiderman" and "Conan The Barbarian" comic books.

Barack promised his daughter that they could have a dog if he was elected president. The family dog Bo was born October 9, 2008. He is a male Portuguese Water Dog.

Obama was the first president to mention Gay Rights in his inauguration address. "Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law,"

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