Inter-American Court of Human Rights

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   At a time when the Commission on Human Rights of the United Nations was still in the process of preparing the Draft Universal Declaration (from May 1947 to June 1948), as recalled by the rapporteur of the Commission (René Cassin); the inclusion in the Universal Declaration of the provision on the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals (Article 8), inspired by the counterpart provision of the American Declaration (Article XVIII), took place in the subsequent debates (of 1948) of the III Committee of the United Nations General Assembly. Cf. R. Cassin, "Quelques souvenirs sur la Déclaration Universelle de 1948", 15 Revue de droit contemporain (1968) n. 1, p. 10.

12  At its beginnings, such case-law sustained the "accessory" character of Article 13 of the European Convention, seen - as from the eighties - as guaranteeing a subjective individual substantive right. Gradually, in its judgments in the cases of Klass versus Germany (1978), Silver and Others versus United Kingdom (1983), and Abdulaziz, Cabales and Balkandali versus United Kingdom (1985), the European Court of Human Rights began to recognize the autonomous character of Article 13. Finally, after years of hesitation and oscillations, the European Court, in its recent judgment, of 18 December 1996, in the case of Aksoy versus Turkey (paragraphs 95-100), determined the occurrence of an "autonomous" violation of Article 13 of the European Convention.

13 For the Court’s holdings to this effect over the last four years, v.g., inter alia, Ivcher Bronstein vs. Peru (Judgment of February 6, 2001, para. 135), Mayagna (Sumo) Awas Tingni Community vs. Nicaragua (Judgment of August 31, 2001, para. 112), Cantos vs. Argentina (Judgment of November 28, 2002, para. 52); Juan Humberto Sánchez vs. Honduras (Judgment of June 7, 2003, para. 121); Maritza Urrutia vs. Guatemala (Judgment of November 27, 2003, para. 117); 19 Tradesmen vs. Colombia (Judgment of July 5, 2004, para. 193).

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