Intelligence services are not intelligent or the o. T. O. Since crowley's death editorial note

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EDITORIAL NOTE: This article was entirely written by Marcelo Motta. However, in order to make the matter clearer to the serious reader, two different formats are used. The chronological sequence of facts is told in normal text. Comments that explain or clarify those facts from the standpoint of knowledge more recently obtained are within brackets. The matter in normal text always mentions Mr. Motta's name in the third person. This should not confuse the reader. It was done to add perspectlve.

All facts related, however incredible they may seem, are fully documented. We have in our hands the entire written record of intrigue, persecution and deceit. It took almost two decades to gather this evidence. It will not be found in the residence of any O.T.O. member. The documents are in several safe deposit boxes in several different cities in several different countries. As everybody knows, Motta is paranoid as well as megalomaniacal.

This article does not purpose to be an exhaustive history: that would take volumes. Furthermore, we are still gathering evidence. Frater Meithras IIIĀ° O.T.O. (Mr. Martin P. Starr) plans to write a more extensive treatment in the future. If he does not, another Brother or Sister will.

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