Intellectual Contexts I: Intercultural Transactions Week 10: Translating non-standard Language outline

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Intellectual Contexts I: Intercultural Transactions

Week 10: Translating non-standard Language


  • what is non-standard language?

  • regional languages and dialects

  • postcolonial or World Literature in French (Littérature-monde en français)

  • language, identity and culture

  • the relevance of official language regulations

  • the translator as mediator

  • analysis of non-standard language

  • approaches to translating non-standard French

Collie, Joanne. “Patois and Power: Translating Non-Standard Languages.” Rencontres. Ed. Danielle Tranquille and Soorya Nirsimloo-Gayan. Moka: Mahatma Gandhi Institute, 2000. 175-188.

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Copies of these texts will be given in advance of the class.
As well as texts recommended in week 1, consider:
Batchelor, Kathryn. Decolonizing Translation: Francophone African Novels in English Translation. Manchester: St. Jerome, 2009.

Brisset, Annie. Sociocritique de la traduction: Théâtre et laterite au Québec (1968-1988). Longueuil: Le Préambule, 1990.

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Fanon, Frantz. Les damnés de la terre. Paris: Gallimard, 1961.Gyasi, Kwaku A. “The African Writer as Translator: Writing African Languages through French.” Journal of African Cultural Studies 16.2 (2003): 143-159.

---. The Francophone African Text: Translation and the Postcolonial Experience. New York: Peter Lang, 2006.

Manessy, Gabriel and Paul Wald. Le français en Afrique noire. Paris: L’Harmattan, 1984.

Simon, Sherry. Le traffic des language: Traduction et culture dans la literature québécois. Montreal: Boréal, 1994.

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Compiled by: Dr Georgina Collins

September 2011

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