Integrated reading and writing II

Summary Directions: Carefully read the article/s given to you by your instructor

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Summary Directions: Carefully read the article/s given to you by your instructor.

        1. Annotate each article/s to help you understand the main ideas. You may want to annotate for strong ideas, confusing ideas, and/or ideas you disagree with. You may also want to write notes in the margins to help you remember why you marked those sections.

        2. Write a one-paragraph summary of the article/s. Your summary/ies should do the following:

          1. Name the author early in the summary,
          2. Give the title of the article early in the summary.
          3. Use correct punctuation for the title of the article.
          4. Explain the main point of the article early in the summary.
          5. Provide an accurate description of the article’s ideas.
          6. Describe the article’s supporting arguments clearly, using good detail.
          7. Use your own words rather than quotations or the author’s words.
          8. Paraphrase correctly and avoid plagiarism.
          9. Remain objective and do not give a response or your opinion.
          10. Use reporting verbs to clarify that these are the author’s ideas, not your ideas.
      1. Essay Directions: Write an essay in response to the following prompt: Imagine that you are a high school student. The school is considering a requirement that all students do forty hours of volunteer service in the community to graduate. Do you think service should be required? Your essay should take a position on this question and support that position with arguments and examples. Your examples should come from your learning and experiences, which might include:

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