Integrated reading and writing II

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  1. Texts of primarily non-fictional narrative and expository essays from across the curriculum

  2. Class and small group discussion of these readings, which assist the student in evaluating and annotating the text and source, analyzing the author’s strategy, drawing inferences and conclusions, citing textual references and applying the outcome to other contexts, including the student’s individual worldview

  3. Practice using pre-reading and post-reading strategies

  4. Practice writing expressive and analytical responses to texts

  5. Practice identifying and analyzing the structure of essays

  6. Practice writing effective summaries

  7. Practice of a writing process, including individual and collaborative prewriting, planning, drafting, revision, and editing

  8. Practice writing unified and coherent paragraphs, sentences constructed with variety, and multi-paragraph essays

  9. Essay assignments that require the writer to respond to and/or reference texts

  10. Instruction in the forms, causes, and effects of cheating and plagiarism

  11. Introduction to documentation

  12. Practice analyzing sentence structure, correcting major grammatical errors, and applying punctuation rules

  13. Laboratory work on reading, writing, and grammar assignments

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