Integrated reading and writing II

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Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  1. use strategies to assess a text’s difficulty, purpose, and main idea prior to the act of reading;

  2. annotate a text during the act of reading;

  3. employ strategies that enable a critical evaluation of a text;

  4. respond critically to a text through class discussions and writing;

  5. use concepts of paragraph and essay structure and development to analyze his/her own and others’ essays;

  6. write effective summaries of texts that avoid wording and sentence structure of the original;

  7. respond to texts drawing on personal experience and other texts;

  8. organize coherent essays around a central idea or a position;

  9. apply structural elements in writing that are appropriate to the audience and purpose;

  10. provide appropriate and accurate evidence to support positions and conclusions;

  11. demonstrate academic integrity and responsibility, particularly when integrating the exact language and ideas of an outside text into one’s own writing;

  12. utilize effective grammar recall to check sentences for correct grammar and mechanics;

  13. proofread his/her own and others’ prose.

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