Int private plane late afternoon

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houseboat front deck

Everyone scrambles around to find his life preserver, and after a beat, they all hold one up for the sheriff to see.


He points to each person as he counts out loud. When he gets to eight, his disappointment shows.
sheriff dave

Oh...well...I guess that means every-body's got one...well, uh, you folks have a nice weekend.

The sheriff turns off the blue light, backs into his hiding place, and waits for his next victim.

EXT. HOUSEBOAT on the lake - sunset

We move with it as it makes ripples in the orange-gold sunset reflected on the water. A SMALL SKI BOAT is in tow behind. Riding MATCHING WAVE RUNNERS, Tracy and Mickey spin circles and jump the waves nearby.

houseboat front deck

It has all the comforts of a backyard patio -- a picnic table, chaises lounges, a barbecue grill, some miscellaneous water- sports equipment, sliding glass doors to the interior, and a spiral staircase to the upper deck. Claude, Walter, Griffin, and Della relax as Jerry stands at the wheel. ALLY shouts and waves, and Tracy and Mickey shoot over and PULL UP ALONGSIDE.

We're going over to the Nautical Inn for dinner.

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