Int private plane late afternoon

EXT. MARINA LAUNCH RAMP - late afternoon

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EXT. MARINA LAUNCH RAMP - late afternoon

Cars, boats, and trailers jam the launch ramp. Our GROUP of eight loads the WEEKEND'S SUPPLIES on-board a LARGE, MODERN HOUSEBOAT tied up on the nearby dock.

"Memorial Day weekend. The first big weekend of the summer. You could feel the energy and excitement all around.

We were all looking forward to a really great time. None of us knew this would be the one weekend we'd never forget."

houseboat front deck

Griffin and Walter sit on the spiral staircase steps. She fans her cards, he picks the DEATH CARD, and she reacts with an all-knowing "I thought so" look.


"...except Aunt Griffin...SHE knew."


Everyone laughs as Mickey drags a WAVE RUNNER from inside onto the front deck. Hyped-up and ready to go, HE WEARS A SKI VEST, A MASK AND SNORKEL, AND RUBBER FLIPPERS ON HIS FEET.

Now hold on there partner. Why don't we get finished with this loading first?


(through his mask)

Oh yeah...sure, no problem.
He helps finish loading. The boat pulls out, Jerry at the wheel.

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