Int private plane late afternoon

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EXT. nautical inn - same

A beat-up, smoking, 1953 MERCURY CONVERTIBLE pulls up next to the Chrysler. A TALL WOMAN wearing sunglasses and a scarf, and A SMALL MAN in shorts and a Hawaiian shirt, exit the car and go into the room next door.

INT. another nautical inn MOTEL ROOM - same

We see the door swing open, revealing the convertible in the parking lot. Then slowly, two heads appear in silhouette and peer inside. After a beat, one of them reaches in and flips on the light. They hold that position for a moment, and then the woman and man enter the room carrying SMALL SUITCASES.

They open their suitcases. The man takes out a CHAMPAGNE GLASS, puts it on the wall and listens for a moment, and then picks up the phone and dials.

(Russian accent)

Hallo, AT&T? Please you give me collect call from Maxim Gorky.
The woman unpacks. She removes A LARGE PAPER from her suitcase, sits on the edge of the bed, and unfolds it.


Yes, to call Moscow, pleez. Number is four, five, two, one, six, nine, two.

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