Int private plane late afternoon

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close on tracy

Her expression changes from glad-to-see-you to mad-as-a-hornet.

I don't think that's funny. Do you realize how worried we've been?

His slimy arms outstretched, HE CONTINUES TOWARD HER. Tracy stamps her foot to make her point.

I mean it now! Get away from me with that slimy stuff!...We've been worried sick about you!

She picks up A NEARBY BROOM and threatens to poke him with it. He gets close to her. She shouts at him.


Mickey's hand brushes her shoulder and neck, LEAVING SOME OF HIS FUNGUS ON HER. This really makes her mad, and she pokes him hard with the broom. Backing away, MICKEY SUDDENLY TRIPS AND FALLS BACKWARD OFF THE HOUSEBOAT, DISAPPEARING INTO THE WATER. Griffin and Tracy come to the edge of the front deck, look down into the water, and Tracy shouts after him:

Mickey!...Mickey!...You get back up here!...I don't think that's funny!

cut to:

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