Int private plane late afternoon

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wider on girl and mickey

SHE SWIMS FRANTICALLY FOR SHORE, Mickey close behind. She pulls herself out of the water, and RUNS SCREAMING FOR ALL SHE'S WORTH UP THE HILL, covered with greenish-brown goo.

cut TO:

ext. mickey's montage - day

In the bright light of day, we see Mickey full-length for the first time. HE'S COVERED FROM HEAD TO TOE -- INCLUDING HIS SNORKEL, MASK, SKI VEST, ARMS, AND FLIPPERS -- WITH A GREENISH-BROWN FUNGUS WITH TINY PINK FLOWERS GROWING OUT OF IT. Bleeping and gurgling sounds still come from the actuator and snorkel.
Mickey chases girls across resort hotel beach.
Mickey scatters small group of girls at volleyball net.

Mickey chases girls around resort swimming pool.

Mickey chases lady (trailing toilet paper) out of park restroom.
Mickey tries to grab waitress at resort beach bar, spilling her drink tray.
Girls run screaming from the lake as Mickey surfaces near London Bridge Beach.
Two screaming, fungus-covered girls near hotel swimming pool hold off Mickey with garden hose.
Guys and girls with green fungus on them chase and whack Mickey with boat paddles.
dissolve to:

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