Int private plane late afternoon

ext. aerial view of lake havasu city - same

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ext. aerial view of lake havasu city - same

Ski boats and Wave Runners dot the lake and shoreline. Palm trees make long, late-afternoon shadows across the small desert town as it passes below. We cross the LONDON BRIDGE, and then head north toward the small airport.
tracy (V.O.)

"They brought us over to Lake Havasu a lot in the summertime. We had a boat on the lake and came over to water-ski. We left Santa Monica Airport that Friday afternoon around three, and it was a really smooth flight."


GRIFFIN BACALL, a colorfully dressed woman in her forties with auburn hair and freckles, sits next to WALTER LOCKE, a smart-looking eight-year-old boy. He pays close attention as she pulls various TAROT CARDS from a deck and explains their meanings.
tracy (v.o.)

"There were eight of us on this trip...

Griffin is my favorite aunt. She's a psychic, and has her own radio show."

Walter watches, transfixed, as Griffin pulls out the KNIGHT OF CUPS and holds it up.

tracy (v.o.)

"Walter is my eight-year-old brother. Dad says he's a genius, but I think he needs gene therapy."

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