Int private plane late afternoon

ext. lake havasu airport - sunset

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ext. lake havasu airport - sunset

Claude, Ally, Walter, Griffin, Della, Jerry (in his Elvis wig), Mickey, and Tracy stand near the Cessna. A SMALL GROUP OF TOWNSPEOPLE presents a large plastic gold key and an envelope to Tracy.

tracy (v.o.)

"But the biggest surprise of all came just as we were leaving. Phil Soreide, the new acting mayor, came out and presented me with a KEY TO THE CITY, along with a check for TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!...I'd forgotten about the reward for catching Mickey!..."

Tracy jumps up and down with excitement.
tracy (v.o.)

"...Griffin was right again! She said she saw a lot of cash around me."

Everyone waves good-bye as our group gets on the plane.

lake havasu airport - same

The Cessna taxis into frame and stops at the head of the runway. The engine revs for a moment, and then the plane begins to roll, gradually picking up speed. The CAMERA PANS WITH IT, and then PUSHES IN as the plane slowly lifts off.
tracy (v.o.)

"They say that all's well that ends well. We all certainly grew a lot that weekend, and I guess that's all that really matters...The town got cleaned up, and they got rid of the fungi... Except someone did say they thought they saw a tiny spot of it on the

Fed Ex man, just before his plane left for Vegas, but...Well, I guess that's another story."
The Cessna banks left, heading west over the purple-gray mountains, and into the setting sun as we
fade to black:

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