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ext. wide on mouth of swamp - night

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ext. wide on mouth of swamp - night

In the dim moonlight, we see the mouth of a swamp lined on both sides by high reeds, and a sign which reads "HOCKSTIRE CHEMICAL - NO TRESPASSING." Off-screen, we hear the Wave Runner approach, and then MICKEY SPEEDS INTO FRAME AND DOWN THE CHANNEL.

mickey on Wave runner

We TRACK WITH HIM as he speeds down the narrow channel, taking very tight turns at full speed.

tight bend in channel

Blasting toward us, Mickey sees the turn too late, cuts sharply, loses his balance, and FLIES OFF THE WAVE RUNNER OVER THE HIGH REEDS.


For a beat, all we see is a beautiful, silver moon resting in a starry night sky. Then, IN SLOW MOTION WITH HIS ARMS FLAILING, MICKEY FLIES OVERHEAD AND PASSES THROUGH FRAME.


polluted swamp

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