Int private plane late afternoon

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close on mickey

His tongue is hanging out and his eyes are glazed over.


Oh yeah? Well, wait and see what happens to him in about five minutes! Come on, Mickey, let's go!


Where are you going?


I'm going to take him outside and walk it off. We'll meet you back at the houseboat.

She helps Mickey up from the table as we

ext. nautical inn dock - night

Tracy helps Mickey flip-flop down the ramp. About halfway, HE STOPS, AND AFTER A BEAT, STARTS VIBRATING ALL OVER. She holds his arm to try and steady him.

Quick...take some deep breaths.

He takes a few deep breaths through the snorkel, making SOME FUNNY GURGLING SOUNDS. Suddenly, he breaks away from Tracy and gurgling through his snorkel like a duck gone mad, runs flip-flopping UP AND DOWN THE DOCK.

That's it...that's it, Mickey, burn off that nasty sugar.

He finally wears down a little and stops to get his breath beside the Wave Runner. SUDDENLY, FROM OVERHEAD, THERE IS AN INCREDIBLE, SCREAMING, SWOOSHING SOUND, and he looks up to see:

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