Int private plane late afternoon

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int. private plane - late afternoon

A thirteen-year-old girl looks out the window. She chews on her pen for a moment, and then writes in a small notebook on her lap. Petite, blonde, and pretty in a wholesome way, her name is TRACY LOCKE, and she is our NARRATOR.

"I remember the weekend well...It was our first trip of the summer."


CLAUDE LOCKE, Tracy's dad, sits at the controls of a Cessna 421. He's easygoing, ruggedly handsome, early forties. Tracy's mom, ALLY, sits in the co-pilot's seat. She's an ingratiating red-head in her late thirties.
tracy (V.O.)

"We'd been on a lot of trips in the plane. Dad and Mom would load us up on Fridays and off we'd go...Dad had been a pilot for years, but Mom was still nervous and would tell him how to fly."

Ally points to a gauge on the instrument panel. Claude checks it and shakes his head, amused.

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