Instructor: Professor John F. Cherry Teaching Assistant

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Grades will be based on:

• 3 quizzes + 1 pop quiz (best 3 will count) 15%

• 3 short pieces of writing 15%

• In-class group presentation 10%

• Term paper (~10 pages, including references) 20%

• Final exam 30%

Attendance, participation, office hours 10%

Regular attendance in class, except where illness or other unavoidable conflicts intervene.

• Completing assigned readings by the dates indicated in this syllabus, and coming to class prepared to talk about them or be examined on them in quizzes.

• Submission of all written materials on or before their due dates.

• Co-operation in contributing to a group in-class presentation

• Willingness to consult me or the class T.A. in office hours about the course, problems you may be experiencing with lectures or readings, and work towards a term paper.

• In taking this class, as all others at Brown, it is presumed that you have read, are familiar with, and will abide by Brown’s Academic Code, particularly as they relate to fair use of sources and avoidance of plagiarism. If necessary, refresh your memory here:

Directory: Departments -> Joukowsky Institute -> courses
courses -> The Audience of the Past
courses -> Arch 1600 Archaeologies of the Near East
courses -> Arch0200: Sport in the Ancient Greek World Class 24, April 24, 2008 Leni Riefenstahl's Olympia [1936 Berlin Olympics] Opening sequence
courses -> Architecture and Memory Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World
courses -> History of Egypt I: Early Dynastic through 18th Dynasty (egyt 1430)
courses -> Janice Havasy The Archaeology of College Hill
courses -> Kate Blankenship
courses -> The Neoclassical Columns of Providence: a comparison Caitlin Howitt
courses -> Perfect hair. Shapely legs. Faultless breasts. An hourglass torso…
courses -> Clas 0810A, Alexander the Great and the Alexander Tradition Suggestions for term paper projects

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