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3. Definition Introduction Prepares the reader for applications and examples of the concept or term being defined.

Success is a term that has many meanings. For students, success can mean getting good grades or getting a good job after graduation. To a businessperson, success is making a lot of money and gaining a position of power. To an artist, however, success is having the stability to express inner feelings and having people recognize the artist’s intentions.

4. Summary Introduction Summarizes a reading selection (or a lecture, speech, or movie) and prepares the reader for an analysis or discussion of what has been summarized.

In her article “African Art as Nonverbal Communication,” Thelma Newman discusses African art and the inadequacy of European attempts to categorize it. Newman describes several characteristics common to most examples of African art and shows how these characteristics reveal a great deal about African culture. It is clear, therefore, that one can learn about the customs and values of a country by studying its art.

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