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2. Quotation Introduction Must be directly related to the main idea of the essay; it can be from reading that you have done to prepare for your essay or it can be from a well-known saying, an appropriate remark from a famous person, or a line from a song or a poem.

In an effort to create the right environment for students, educators constantly propose new ways to educate students. Some people, such as William O’connor, insist: “we have no inferior education in our schools; what we have been getting is an inferior type of student.” However, it is wrong to say that it is only the student who is inferior, not the school. One system is not appropriate for all students. Problems arise when students’ individual needs are not met. Therefore, the needs of the students must be considered when deciding which system is best. Basically, there are three types of systems that are right for different students; an authoritarian system, a free system, and a combination of the two.

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