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Thesis Statements & Parallelism

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Thesis Statements & Parallelism
u The thesis statement is the most important sentence in the introduction. It states the specific topic of the essay. Examples:
F Native Americans have made many valuable contributions to modern U.S. culture.
u Sometimes a thesis statement lists the subtopics that will be discussed in the body. Examples:
F Native Americans have made many valuable contributions to modern U.S. culture, particularly in the areas of language, art, food, and government.
u A colon (:) is often useful before lists of two, three, or more subtopics in a thesis statement. Examples:
F Young people in my culture have less freedom than young people in the United States in three areas: where they live, whom they marry, and what their job is.

uSometimes a thesis statement also indicates the pattern of organization that the essay will follow. Which of the following thesis statements indicates chronological order? Comparison/Contrast?

F There are several differences between a nurse practitioner and a physician's assistant.

F My best friend and I spent an entire summer constructing a tree house in my grandmother's old apple tree.


Parallelism is an important element in English writing, especially when you are list­ing and comparing and contrasting items or ideas. Parallelism means that each item in a list or comparison follows the same grammatical pattern. If you are writing a list and the first item in your list is a noun, write all the following items as nouns also. If the first item is an -ing word, make all the others -ing words; if it is an adverb clause, make all the others adverb clauses.

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