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Thahab M. Alotaibi - Fall 2009

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Thahab M. Alotaibi - Fall 2009 (420 Words)

Laundry: A Fruit of a Mother's Wisdom

Living in luxury is our great desire and having others do our tasks makes it convenient. However, life is very deceiving, for it puts you in a situation where you need all the independence you can get. House chores set the perfect way to acquire independence. In my case, cooking and cleaning were a child's play to me, however, doing the laundry was the last thing I wanted to learn. Being as strict as ever, my mother did not approve this spoiled behavior, thus, I ended up snapping from my slumber and learning this delicate process at my mother's hands. Generally, laundry is a very important task, and it is my duty to pass on this secret legacy to you.

The first step you have to do is gathering your ingredients and categorizing your clothes. Initially, bring the items you need to wash your clothes with such as liquid bleach, laundry detergent, and a stain remover. Next, bring your laundry basket and make sure that you close their zippers to prevent snagging and empty their pockets. After that, start sorting your clothes. In order to keep the original colors of your clothes and prevent them from mixing together, you must group them into four groups: whites, lights, darks and delicates. The labels on your clothes will also help you in determining the method and ingredients you should use while washing.

The next step is washing. Here you are practically in the main point of the entire process, and where you should be very careful. Before you actually start washing, you ought to use the stain remover on heavy stains to ensure an easy wash later. Later on, when filling the washer with water, you should pay attention to its warmth level. Beware; hot temperature shrinks your clothes and fades its color. Therefore, use warm water for lights and darks, and cold for delicates. Next, pour the detergent and let it dissolve in the water by starting the machine-use bleach with whites. Then, put your clothes gently making sure that you don’t overload the washer.

The final step is drying. After finishing the washing part, you must clear your clothes completely from soap. After that, put them gently in the dryer and leave them there for 3o minutes. Take them out as soon as the dryer finishes its cycle, otherwise, they will shrink. Additionally, always remember not to overload the dryer with a huge ball of clothes. As for delicate clothes, they should be treated differently and kept away from the harsh-drying heat by hanging them out in the open air and warm temperature. This way the garments will not be ruined. For detailed instructions, look at your clothes labels.

By following these steps, doing your laundry will be a very simple task, and you will not be annoyed with it anymore. In fact, these steps that my mother taught me kept my precious clothes as splendid as ever. If you care to do so, snap out from your own slumber and learn a little bit of independence. Trust me; your maids will not be as careful with your things as you are.

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