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The bathroom story...

Rebuilding my bathroom is not something I have looked forward to doing. The only reason I chose to do it was because my number one bathroom is feeling its age and needs to be gutted and rebuilt as well. The convenience of having a good bathroom to use while rebuilding another can only be topped by having two fully operational bathrooms. This, and the fill use of my nook, will give my guests and me many years of enjoyment. Refurbishing a bathroom is a big and time consuming job, but with the help of skilled friends and the exchange of knowhow, the cost and time can be kept to a minimum.

The boy's room...

Knowing our son is a train fanatic, we gleefully led him into the completed room so that we could see his reaction. His eyes opened wide, and he immediately cried out, "Daddy, it's pretty!" He started to name all the colors, and excitedly pointed out every single train as if we did not realize that they were there. It was definitely worth any sore muscles to see how much he embraced the welcome change. Although it has been several months, he will still drag any visitor by the arm to see his new room, and to the surprise of the individual, he still points out every single train.

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files -> Indiana Academic Standards Resource Guide World History and Civilization Standards Approved March 2014
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files -> How to Place Slavery into British Identity
files -> Title Publishing Format / Length
files -> Oh Freedom! Teaching African American Civil Rights Through American Art at the Smithsonian
files -> Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site’s interpretation of Al Capone’s cell, c. 2013. Al Capone Approved Source for Tour Content Developed by Annie Anderson May 2013 Draft 2 For Web Guiding questions
files -> Dr amanda wise & dr jan ali commonwealth of Australia 2008

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