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The Turnabout Introduction

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9. The Turnabout Introduction

This type of introduction opens with a few sentences summarizing a point of view that is actually the opposite of the writer’s own thesis. By the end of the introduction, the writer makes a complete turnabout and presents his or her thesis – the opposite of what he or she started out with. This technique is useful when the writer’s purpose in the essay is to argue a point or to clear up a commonly held misconception.


We live in an era where television is the national pastime. Since the invention of the television set, people have been spending more of their free time watching television than doing anything else. Many of the television addicts feel that this particular pastime is not a bad one; indeed, they argue that people can learn a great deal watching television. I am sure that if you look long and hard enough, you can probably find some programs that are educationally motivating. But, for the most part, I say that watching television is a waste of time.

“We are moving to the city!” These are the words of many villagers today. When they are asked to give reasons for their movement, they simply reply that life in the city is more developed than that in the village. In the city, there are communication, transportation, education, and medical services. Also there are more chances for jobs. I positively agree with these people, but have these people thought about their lives and health? Have they thought about the danger that might happen to their children? It might not be during the first six months of living, but in the future when the city becomes more inhabited by different people of different nationalities and when the streets get crowded with cars. Although the village is lacking some of the services mentioned above, it is still the best type of environment for me to live in.

 Techniques Used to Write Memorable Conclusions œ

Restate the main points of the essay (i.e. paraphrasing your thesis statement) to reassert the importance and validity of your thesis. This is your opportunity to convey a strong, effective message that your reader will remember. In addition, a conclusion should not bring up a new topic.

Examples: There are, of course, many more things to visit while you are in Mexico, but the beach at Progreso, the Aztec ruin, and the famous monument represent some of the more significant and beautiful sights to see. When you go to Mexico, visit these sights and you will be guaranteed a fond memory after you go home.

Providing jobs for students, jobs that would help cut the cost of managing the bookstore and providing on-the-job experience – which can only enhance the university’s reputation for graduating knowledgeable students – are excellent reasons for allowing students to manage the bookstore. In fact, it is amazing that such a system is not in practice now.

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