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Dramatic, Interesting, or Funny Story Introduction

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6. Dramatic, Interesting, or Funny Story Introduction A dramatic, humorous, or otherwise interesting opening will generate interest in the reader. It is important, after all, to capture the reader’s attention. For process paper’s it is often useful to begin with a description of a scene that establishes the need for a process explanation. Observe here how one student uses a description to set up a process essay.

The rain pours down as if running from a faucet, lightning streaks across the dark restless sky, and thunder pounds the roof and walls of the house. All of a sudden the wind kicks up. Trees sway madly back and forth; loose objects are picked up and thrown all around. The house creaks and moans with every gust of wind. Windows are broken by pieces of shingle from a neighbor’s roof or by loose objects picked up by the wind. Power lines snap like thread. The unprepared house and its occupants are in grave danger as the awesome hurricane approaches. Had they prepared for the hurricane, they might not be in such danger. Indeed, careful preparation before a hurricane is essential to life and property.

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