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Olathe East High School

AP Biology – Paula Donham, Instructor

INSTRUCTOR INFORMATION: Email: Telephone: 913 780-7120 ext. 1112

Office: Room 112 Office Hours: 7:15-4:15

TEXTBOOKS: Campbell, N. A. and Reece, J. B., Biology, Edition 7, Benjamin Cummings Publishers (2005)

Campbell, N. A., Reece, J. B., and Simon, E. J. Benjamin Cummings, Biology Concepts and Connections, Edition 5 (2005)

Pack, P. E. Biology AP Test Preparation, Cliff’s Notes, Edition 3 (2007)
SUPPLIES: 3 ring notebook for lab notebook will be supplied
CAVEATS: You should check with the college or university you hope to attend for their policies related to Johnson County transfer credit and/or AP exam credit. Policies vary from school to school and are subject to change over time. Recently the University of Kansas changed its rules and although Johnson County credit and/or AP credit will count as an elective biology course, it may not qualify as the first course in any of KU’s biology majors.
Because class sessions will introduce new material, allow time for questions, include performance of labs with highly perishable materials/organisms, and include special instructions, there is really no way to fully make up a missed class or most of the labs. It is, therefore, essential that the student make a conscientious effort to attend every class and be prepared to participate. Attendance will be taken at each class session.
NOTE: It is my expectation that ALL students in AP Biology WILL take the AP exam. You can take the course for credit at JCCC also (details for how and when to enroll at JCCC are available on the JCCC Enrollment link on your Blackboard site) but I expect ALL of those who enroll in AP Biology to prepare for and take the exam. I consider this a team effort! If you don’t want to step up to the challenge of taking the exam with us – please switch to College Biology.
Note: You can visit the following site to find out how your college/university awards AP credit:
The AP Biology Development Committee has identified eight major themes that recur throughout the course:

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