Instructor: Dr. James Newsom

Social Security and FERPA Statement

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Social Security and FERPA Statement:

It is the policy of The University of Texas at Tyler to protect the confidential nature of social security numbers. The University has changed its computer programming so that all students have an identification number. The electronic transmission of grades (e.g., via e-mail) risks violation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act; grades will not be transmitted electronically.

Emergency Exits and Evacuation:

Everyone is required to exit the building when a fire alarm goes off. Follow your instructor’s directions regarding the appropriate exit. If you require assistance during an evacuation, inform your instructor in the first week of class. Do not re-enter the building unless given permission by University Police, Fire department, or Fire Prevention Services..

Tentative Calendar of Instruction:
Aug. 24 Introduction, Syllabus Discussion; Pre-Columbian Texans (Ch. 1)

Aug. 31 Spanish Explorers and the Comanche (Census Day) (Ch. 1)


Sept. 14 Spanish Texas (Ch. 2)

Sept. 21 Mexican Texas: Coming of the Anglos (Ch. 3)

Mexican Texas: The Empresarios & Salutary Neglect (Ch. 3)

Sept. 28 Coming of the Revolution (Ch. 3)

Oct. 5 Texas Revolution (Ch. 3)

Oct. 12 Mid-Term Exam; Book Essay Question from Texian Iliad

Oct. 19 The Republic of Texas (Ch. 4)

Oct. 26 Mexican-American War and Statehood LAST DAY TO WITHDRAW (Ch. 4)

Nov. 2 Rise to Rebellion and Civil War (Ch. 5)

Nov. 9 Reconstruction (Ch. 6)

Nov. 16 Gilded Age Texas and Progressive Texas (Ch. 8-10)


Nov. 30 Prosperity, Depression and World War II Book Review Due (Ch. 11)

Dec. 7 Final Exam; Book Essay Question from Cattle Kings of Texas

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