Instructor: Dr. James Newsom

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Texas History

HIST 4320.001

Fall 2014

Instructor: Dr. James Newsom

Office Phone: (903) 566-7392

Required Texts: Robert A. Calvert, Arnoldo De Leon, and Gregg Cantrell. The History of Texas. 5th Edition

Steve Hardin. Texian Iliad.

C. L. Douglas. Cattle Kings of Texas.

Class Meetings: 6:00-8:40 M

Office Hours: 10:10-11:10 MWF; 12:15-1:15 MW; 5:00-6:00 M; Other times by appointment.

Office Number: BUS 207C


Course Description
This course will provide an in-depth review and understanding of Texas History from pre-Columbian contact to the present. The lectures will stress the political, economic, and social development of Texas as a Spanish colony, Mexican state, Texas Republic, and as a state within the United States and Confederate States.
Course Objectives
The purposes of this class are to develop a basic understanding of the major themes and events of historic Texas, and to develop analytical and communicative skills that have usefulness in, and beyond, the study of history. Through an examination of the major events, personalities, and trends in Texas History the student should: 1) be able to demonstrate a knowledge of important factual information concerning Texas; 2) be able to offer analysis of the importance of events; 3) identify major trends and developments in various periods and areas within the time span of the course, and describe them by explaining their major features and lasting impacts; 4) gain an understanding of how the past helps to shape the present and the future; 5) develop skills in reading comprehension as well as verbal and written expression of knowledge.
Grading and Examinations
There will be a mid-term exam and a final exam. The exams and final will consist of multiple choice drawn from the textbook and essay questions drawn from the textbook, assigned text and lectures. I will use the ten-point scale in grading: 100-90 is an “A”; 89-80 is a “B”; 79-70 is a “C”; 69-60 is a “D”; and 59 and below is a “F”.
Mid-Term Exam 35%

Final Exam 35%

Book Review 15%

Class Participation 15%

You should have the readings from Texian Iliad and Cattle Kings of Texas read by the exam days indicated on the schedule. I will have an essay question regarding the readings on each exam. The History of Texas is your textbook and will provide readings to support lectures. Most of the exams’ content will be drawn from this text and lectures. No electronic devices (e.g. cell phones, pagers, computers, cameras, etc.) will be used in the classroom on exam days, once the exam has been passed out—checking email or texts during an exam constitutes cheating. In addition, once the first exam has been turned in to the instructor or his representative, no further exams will be handed out. Any student who enters following this event will be considered absent and will take a special make-up exam—so be on time.
In addition to the exams, you are asked to write a five page book review of a book on Texas History. All books must be approved by the instructor within the stipulated time frame. Information regarding the book review will be made available to you via Blackboard.
Class Participation
The instructor will determine each student’s class participation. Attendance, punctuality, classroom demeanor, questions raised, and the level of discussion will all be taken into account in reaching a class participation grade.
Students are expected to attend all scheduled class meetings. This class meets once a week—each Monday night is the content equivalent of one week’s material. As a result, your attendance is strongly encouraged and extremely important. For each absence, after the first grace absence, the student will be docked fifteen points from his/her class participation grade.

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