Instructor: Barbara Shelton

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Josh Smith

Music 1040

Music & Culture

Instructor: Barbara Shelton

18 February 2011

Musical Genealogy

My name is Joshua Smith. I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and have lived here my entire life. My parents are Rebecca Snow and Darryl Drew Smith. My mother is from Utah and was born in Provo. My father is from California, and after living in Hawaii, Montana, and other places before settling in Utah.

The genealogy work on the side of my mother is completed to a great extent. My family on my father’s side, however was a little more difficult to accomplish. For this reason, I am starting with my mother’s side.

The farthest back I have on the Snow side is Patrick who had a son, Richard in 1607 in England. Richard begat John in about 1640 in the U.S. state of Massachusetts. John met and married Mary Green, born in 1646 whose parents, William Green and Hannah Carter, were from England. With Mary, John begat Zerubbabel in 1672. Zerubbabel begat John in 1706 with Jemima Cutler. John Married Abigail Brigham, born in 1708, and had Zerubbabel in 1741. Zerubbabel married Mary Trowbridge, born in 1745 and daughter of James Trowbridge and Jeusha Park. Together, they moved to New Hampshire and begat James Snow in the year of our Lord 1770. James, with his, wife Abigail Farr, traveled from New Hampshire to Vermont. Abigail Farr was the daughter of Jonathan Farr and Mercy Winslow. James and Abigail had Gardner in 1793. Gardner with Sarah Sawyer Hastings moved to Utah after having James Chauncy in 1817. Sarah Sawyer Hastings was born of Jonathan and Saloma Burt. James Chauncy with Eliza Ann Carter had Dominicus in Iowa and continued with the parents and grandparents to Utah. Dominicus and Hannah Selena Harrison had Harrison- wife Minnie Chloe Dalton, whose records are only from ancestry in Utah- who later had my grandfather, Monte Preston Snow.

Monte Married Betty Gay Roundy. The Roundy Family records date back to 1726 with John Roundy, parents Robert Roundy and Elizabeth Green. He was born in Connecticut and married another fellow Connecticuttian, Mary Bass, parents Thomas Bass and Dorothy Parish. Together, they bore Uriah in Vermont. Uriah married Lucretia, parents Daniel Needham and Hannah Allen, and had Shadrach Roundy in 1789, also in Vermont. Shadrach married Betsy Quimby, parents Moses and Hannah. Shadrach and Betsy made their way eventually to the Salt Lake Valley, and having Lauren Hotchkiss in 1814 in New York. Lauren Married Jane Ann Koyle, daughter of John Koyle, who was born in Cananda in 1831. Lauren and Jane bore John in Utah in1864 who married Elenor McEwan. Elenor’s father, John H. McEwan was born in Ireland in 1824 and moved to Utah with his wife, Amanda Higbee, from Ohio. John and Elenor bore Clayton Roundy. Clayton bore my Grandmother, Betty Gay Roundy with Lyda Parcell. Lyda’s grandparents, on both father and mother’s sides were all from England who made their way to Utah.

For my father’s side, things are not known so extensively. Darryl Drew Smith was born in Illinois in 1958. His Father was Grabe Smith, born in California in the year 1927, was son to Marcus Riley Smith and Dorthy Grabe, both born just before the beginning of the twentieth century. My Grandmother, Barbara Babe Mönch, had a little more excitement than my Grandfather does speaking of known genealogy. All Started in Neuffen, Germany with two families, Mönch and Hess. Johann Christian Ludwig Mönch was born in 1807 and married Elizabeth Barbara Hess, born in 1809. Together they begat Louis Frederick Mönch, to whom we will come back. In the almost twenty year gap after the death of Elizabeth, Johann and Louis, along with any other siblings, most likely, moved to America, Johann dying in New York.

In Utah Louis Frederick Mönch married Ruthilda Eveline Hill who was born their. Richard Hill, born in 1793 in Maryland and dying in Missouri, and Sarah Strait, born in 1799 in New York and dying in Utah, Ruthilda’s grandparents, had George Washington Hill in 1822 in Ohio. George Washington married Cynthia Utley Stewart. Cynthia Utley was born to North Carolina born and Missouri died George Stewart and Georgia born and Utah deceased Ruthilda (Ruthy) Baker in 1823 in the great state of Alabama. Both made their way to Utah and lived there the rest of their days. Louis Frederick and Ruthilda Eveline bore Franklin Moses Mönch in Utah in 1884, who married Millicent Augusta Sorensen, Utah born (1888), and died in Idaho. Together, they bore Frank Frederick Mönch in 1914 in Idaho. Frank married Xenia Hilda Evans and bore together Barbara Babe Mönch in Idaho. Xenia died in Colorado and Barbara died in Arizona, both born in Idaho. Barbara and Grabe had my father, Darryl Drew. Darryl and Rebecca eventually gave birth to me.

The documented facts of the musical history involving my genealogy were a little tougher to find. My grandmother on my mom’s side played the accordion for many years, a little wearing off on my mother, but not getting very far. My mother, also, played the clarinet as well as being a teacher of clogging for many years. My dad was the one of his two brothers that put forth the most effort into the piano as a child, as a reward, our family acquired a piano.

As far as further generations back is concerned, I was only able to find one piece of interesting information. My great, great, great grandfather, Louis Frederick Mönch was on his way to California from Germany to become a teacher when a certain series of advents occurred making him stop in Utah which led to his conversion into the LDS faith. Later in his life, he served as an LDS missionary in Switzerland and Germany, publishing many works in the German language. One of these works was the well-loved hymn, Sehet, ihr Völker, which was later translated into English as Hark, All Ye Nations! (number 264 in the LDS hymnbook).

Personally, I began playing the piano when I was nine years-old because it was then that we received my dad’s old childhood piano. I began playing percussion instruments when my father gave me a snare drum with attachable cymbal when I was very young. One experience helped this: for second grade, I was to find the beat in a song. My mom turned up the radio, seeing that we were in the car, and I purposely noticed the beat for the first time. The song was Donna Lewis’s I Love You Always Forever.

When I entered junior high school, I joined the school band as a percussionist. That continued for three years till I attended high school and tried out for the drum line. I made the cymbal line and evolved through bass drum, tenors (or “quads”), back through cymbals, just to come back to and stick with the bass drum. I, also, am the owner and temporal user of a drum set but have never been in a position to play in a band or anything of the sort.

As for my musical listening enjoyment, I enjoy a wide variety of music. If it has a good beat, a good sound, good lyrics and some sort of emotion, I like it. My mother raised me on classic rock and my dad was always a big fan of country music, which is natural, his mother being from Mississippi. I evolved through some phases with certain friends and was on and off with country music, depending on the girl I was dating. But things have settled mainly with classic rock and country as my top choice music genres. I have sung in the ward choir which is fun and music overall is a big part of my life which I love.

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