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Office of Admissions and Academic Services

235 Sibley Dome

Ithaca, New York 14853

t. 607.255.4376

f. 607.254.2848


If you have completed course work at another institution that may fulfill any of the core Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch.) degree requirements, you may request that the course work be evaluated for equivalency credit. A packet including the following materials must be submitted for each course being evaluated:

  • Course Equivalency Request Form

  • Course syllabus

  • Transcript verifying final course grade

  • Portfolio of relevant work for ARCH 1501 and ARCH 1502

  • Writing sample from applicable course for ARCH 1801, ARCH 1802, and history elective

Please submit course equivalency requests by June 5, 2015* to AAP Admissions and Academic Services or 235 Sibley Dome, Ithaca, NY 14853

* Equivalency materials received by May 20 will likely receive decisions by the end of the month. Materials received between May 20 and June 5 may not be reviewed until August. Materials received after June 5 will not be considered.
B. Arch. Course Equivalency Request

important information

  • This form should be used to request equivalency for required department non-elective courses and required departmental electives. It is not required for out-of-department electives.

  • An individual equivalency request packet is required for each course equivalency request. Please do not include multiple requests in one packet.

  • A non-Cornell course can only be applied toward one equivalency request.

  • Course equivalency decisions are final. Be sure to submit all relevant materials as soon as possible.

  • You will be notified by e-mail when your equivalency request has been reviewed. Please note that some results may not be available until the start of the semester.


By submitting the attached course equivalency request, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the above information.
I understand that it is my responsibility to submit this request by the stated deadline, and that all equivalency decisions are final.

Student Signature: Date:


Offering Institution:

Institution Address: (City, State, Country)___

Course Subject & Number:

Course Title:

Credit Hours: Semester Completed: Grade Earned: Semester / Quarter Hours


Name: Date of Request:

Cornell ID: E-mail: Phone Number:



  • ARCH 1612: Structural Concepts (3 credits)

  • ARCH 2613:Structural Systems (3 credits)

Environmental Systems:

  • ARCH 1611: Environmental Systems I (3 credits)

  • ARCH 2616: Environmental Systems II (3 credits)

Building Technology:

  • ARCH 2614: Building Technology I: Materials and Methods (3 credits)

  • ARCH 2615: Building Technology II: Structural Elements (3 credits)


  • ARCH 2301: Architectural Analysis I; Buildings, Drawings, and

Texts (3 credits)

  • ARCH 3301: Architectural Analysis II: Architecture, the City, and

Landscape (3 credits)

Architectural History:

  • ARCH 1801: History of Architecture I (3 credits)

  • ARCH 1802: History of Architecture II (3 credits)

Professional Practice:

  • ARCH 5201: Professional Practice (3 credits)

Architectural Representation:

  • ARCH 1501: Representation I: Freehand Architectural Drawing (3 credits) – Portfolio required

  • ARCH 1502: Representation II: Media of Representation (3 credits) – Portfolio required


  • Theory Elective (3 credits)

  • Architectural History Elective (3 credits)

  • Visual Representation Elective (3 credits) – Portfolio required

  • Culture and Society Elective (3 credits)

  • In-Department Elective (3 credits)

Instructor Name (Print): ______________________________________________________

Instructor Signature: _________________________________________________________

Department Approval: _______________________________________________________ Date: ______________________


The equivalency request is: Approved Denied

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files -> 9. 5 Political Powers and Achievements Tom Burns- beacon High School
files -> Indiana Academic Standards Resource Guide World History and Civilization Standards Approved March 2014
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files -> How to Place Slavery into British Identity
files -> Title Publishing Format / Length
files -> Oh Freedom! Teaching African American Civil Rights Through American Art at the Smithsonian
files -> Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site’s interpretation of Al Capone’s cell, c. 2013. Al Capone Approved Source for Tour Content Developed by Annie Anderson May 2013 Draft 2 For Web Guiding questions
files -> Dr amanda wise & dr jan ali commonwealth of Australia 2008

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