Instructions for the Boston Tea Party Society Application Please read the instructions before completing the application

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Instructions for the Boston Tea Party Society Application
Please read the instructions before completing the application.
This application is designed to be completed using Microsoft Word. Download and type the application on your computer.
Do not attach documents to the application.
The qualifying ancestor on the first page of the application is your direct ancestor who participated in the Boston Tea Party. See the list of recognized participants.
Provide full names to the extent possible. Do not use initials unless the full name cannot be discovered. List all women with their maiden surnames, not their married surnames. List all dates in the format of 17 Oct 1743. If there is information that is not known or not applicable for a specific field, leave the blank empty. Do not use terms such as “N/A,” “Unknown,” “-0-” or “living.”
Complete the genealogical portion of the application so that it resembles the following entry, and be sure to use proper bibliographic citations when you identify your proofs. See the example below.
2. John Covington

b. 25 Oct 1740 at Boston, MA

d. 16 Feb 1802 at Philadelphia, PA

m. 17 Aug 1765 at Boston, MA

to Prudence McMillen

b. 31 Jan 1745 at New Haven, CT

d. 6 May 1815 at Boston, MA
Proofs: American Boston, MA: Births 1700-1800, p. 220; John L. Anderson, Covington Family Genealogy (Boston: C.L. Pritchett & Co., 1985), p. 322; American Boston, MA: Church Records, Vol. New South Church, p. 97.
Applications submitted to other organizations are not acceptable as proof. Please submit all documentation necessary to establish your line to your Boston Tea Party participant ancestor. If your ancestor is not listed as one of the 202 known organizers and participants, you must submit your proof that he did indeed participate and should be included on the recognized list. Submit copies of such proof, including title and publication page(s) establishing your claim.

Acceptable documentation for all information includes: birth, death, marriage certificates; baptism records; probate records; censuses; Social Security Death Index; tombstone inscriptions (with a photograph and the name of the cemetery provided); bible records, with the copyright page; and similar records. Provide a copy of the title page for all published sources. Family genealogies, county histories, and similar works must cite original source materials to be acceptable. Gedcoms and personal internet postings of family trees are not acceptable.

Links from each generation to the next must be clearly established.
Prepare your proofs by highlighing in yellow the relevant information, and number the specific generation being supported by the proofs. Failure to do this will result in your application being returned.
Upon completion, print the application on plain white paper and staple the pages of the application only together in the top left-hand corner. Be sure to keep a copy of your application on your computer until you are notified that it has been approved. Then, send 2 copies of your application (3 if you want one returned to you after verification—include $5 extra for return postage), and 1 copy of each proof to the Genealogist General and a check payable to “Boston Tea Party Society,” in the amount of either $90 (for non-refundable $40 application fee, plus $50 annual dues) or $540 (for non-refundable $40 application fee, plus $500 lifetime dues). Supplemental applications are $40. If you apply by December 16, 2013, you will qualify to become a Charter Member, and the lifetime dues are only $250, plus the $40 non-refundable application fee.
Send your completed application copies with one set of proofs to:
Tricia Thompson

1347 Robin Lane

Bozeman, MT 59715
For any questions, you may contact Tricia by email at or by phone, (406) 587-0915.

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