Instructions for Flip Book Questions and Answers by Alex Vasilakopoulos 4/13/15

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Instructions for Flip Book Questions and Answers by Alex Vasilakopoulos 4/13/15
The birth of the Byzantine Empire - When and why was the Byzantine Empire created? Where was the Byzantine Empire located?

  • created to split the Roman Empire in half by Diocletian to make it easier to rule

  • created on May 11, 330 CE

  • It was located in Eastern and Southern Europe

Constantine’s Plan - What actions did Emperor Constantine take to try and spare the remains of the Roman Empire?

  • rebuilt the Greek city of Byzantium

  • renamed it Constantinople

  • while emperor, Constantine made the Byzantine Empire thrive and become powerful

  • he also embraced Christianity

Saving Greco-Roman Culture - What elements of Greco-Roman culture were saved by the leaders of the new Byzantine Empire?

  • the language of Greek became the official language in the 6th century

  • when the rest of the Roman Empire fell, Greek culture resurfaced

  • art and architecture were greatly influenced by the Greeks and Romans

A Brilliant Leader Expands an Empire - What reforms did Emperor Justinian institute to strengthen and expand the Byzantine Empire

  • had all existing Roman laws reviewed and had them rewritten into a book known as the Justinian Code

Justinian’s Code - Why was Justinian’s Code an important contribution to the field of law and justice?

The Hagia Sophia - Describe the architectural and cultural importance of the Hagia Sophia

Patron of the Arts - In what way did Justinian support the arts within the empire? What were most important art forms?

  • he funded many public projects and encouraged the arts

  • mosaics and icon paintings were very important

Triumph and Misfortune - What were two of Justinian’s greatest accomplishments? What were two problems he faced?

  • His two greatest accomplishments were the Justinian Code and the Hagia Sophia

  • One problem was his fellow senators trying to overthrow him

  • his goals failing

A New Form of Christianity - Describe the new form of Christianity that was created in the Byzantine Empire. How did the roles of Emperor and Pope change?

  • split from the Catholic Church in 1054 CE

  • Constantinople became head of the Eastern Orthodox Church and no longer was part of the Catholic Church.

  • The emperor became the Pope for the Byzantine Empire and the Pope didn’t matter to the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Center of Trade - Center of Conflict - Why was Byzantium/Constantinople such an important city to the Byzantine Empire and neighboring powers?

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