Instructions for antz please execute the following expectations for before and during viewing

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Viewing Analysis Instructions for ANTZ

Please execute the following expectations for before and during viewing.

Please read these steps aloud.

Before Viewing

  1. Close and turn off all laptop computers. They will not be allowed during class today.

  2. Use a pen to complete the following worksheet and take notes for the Split Page Notes and Dystopian Dialectical Journal assignment.

  3. You should have a copy of George Orwell’s 1984. Your first reading assignment from this is due on Monday, April 11th. See Homework Halo for more details.

Expectations during Viewing

  1. During the viewing complete the Split Page Note assignment and take notes on each of the characters listed in this packet. As part of homework you should synthesize ideas and define who you think might be whose avatar.

  2. All students should be actively engaged in viewing the movie.

Thoughts to Ponder

Moving Thematic Representations: ANTZ Analyzed

A film that touches upon our themes…

  • Unique potential:  What defines destiny? Individual aspirations or those of the community’s Others?

  • Freudian psychology: Why we really do what we do: id/ego/super-ego; Eros/Thanatos; sex and guilt; love and aggression.

  • Existentialism/Nihilism: We are radically free to recreate ourselves and to confront the Other.  We are the responsible makers of the worlds we choose.

  • Aristotelian entelechy: like an acorn, there is a determined potential for us to achieve; we strive to become what we are meant to be.

  • Platonic philosophy: ordered souls and society; utopia and dystopia; Allegory of the Cave; Totalitarian tendencies—communism, fascism, democracy.

Consider The Trilogy Project: How might this help you create and build your project?

This spring you will seek mastery and synthesis of three artistic pieces and explore the dystopian impulse as presented in your trilogy.

This independent work will take place mid-term as we conclude our reading of 1984. There are enormous resources available and plenty that should peak your interest.
English 12 & History 12 Name: _________________________

Rigney & Duethorn March 2012


You are to complete the following split page note-taking assignment while you view film or listen to a song.

Left hand column: Write at least TEN observations about imagery, dialogue, or formal technique. (5 points each)

Right hand column: After viewing a film or listening to a song, explain how FIVE instances of imagery, dialogue or formal structure represent and develop specific themes. (10 points each)


Observations of imagery/dialogue/tone/viewpoint/etc.


Analysis & interpretation of observations

English 12 & History 12 Name: _________________________

Rigney & Duethorn March 2012

ANTZ Viewing Assignment
Directions: In addition to the Dystopian Dialectical Journal (FCAs list at the end), please fill out the character reference sheet identifying character parallels between ANTZ and Hyde’s community. If the characters in the film are avatars for individuals on campus, who does the character represent? For example: General Mandible = Mr. Rigney; Colonel Cutter = Mr. Duethorn, etc. Please indicate your rationale.
ANTZ characters

  • The Queen =


  • Princess Bala =


  • Chip =


  • Barbatus =


  • Z =


  • Weaver =


  • Azteca =


  • Muffy =


  • Drunk Scout =


  • Foreman =


  • The Wasps =


  • The Bugs (around the fire) =


Additional Notes

Dystopian Dialectical Journal
Focus Correction Areas:

  1. FCA #1: 200-300 word respond; choice between:

    1. Write a brief social commentary which elucidates the value of comparing ourselves to ants, OR;

    2. Discuss this movie as a cautionary tale to the youth who most likely watched it; what is the subtext cautioning against?

  2. FCA #2: Synthesis Web (create a visual web of ideas that links together dystopian texts, music, movies, etc. that come to mind as you view ANTZ).

  3. FCA #3: Draw a picture that recreates your favorite moment of the movie. In two sentences at the bottom of the page, share why is it your favorite?

Due for both English & Ethics Classes on Monday

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