Instructions for an Individual Submitting a Name

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Instructions for an Individual Submitting a Name

Please print legibly in dark ink. Consider using a computer, typewriter, or scribe. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

*Society name: If you are submitting a new name, write the name you want to register here. (Don't use all caps.) If you already have a registered Society Name, or if you have one in progress, write it here in full, spelled exactly as the College of Arms registered it, or as it was submitted if it's in progress. If you are changing your name, write your old name here.

Name being submitted: If you are submitting a name change (including change of holding name), alternate name, or household name, write the name you want to register here. (Don't use all caps.) Leave this line blank otherwise.

*Name Type: "Primary" means you are submitting or changing your personal Society name (the one that all your paperwork is filed under). You can also register a name for an alternate persona or for a household.

*Action Type: If you've never submitted a name before, check "New". If you've submitted a name, but it was returned, check "Resubmission" and the appropriate box for who returned it. Important: also fill in the section marked "++" (Name Previously Submitted... etc.) for all returns. Everything is filed under Society Name, so if you don't tell us this information, we have no way of finding it. If you have a registered name, and you want to change it, check "Change" and the box for what you want us to do with your old name. If you have armory or other items registered under a holding name, and you want to change it, check "Change of Holding Name". (Your holding name goes on the "Society Name" line, and your new name goes on the "Name being submitted" line.) If you are appealing a return, check "Appeal"; also check either "Kingdom" or "Laurel" (under "Resubmission"), as appropriate.

*Legal name, *Address: This is where we'll send official notifications of acceptance or return.

Branch Name: Give the name of your local SCA group (usually a barony, canton, or shire).

Phone, Email: Faster ways for us to contact you. We use email whenever possible, for example to tell you when your submission arrives.

Date of Birth: We use the Society Name to tell whether submission forms are for the same person or not. If that fails due to error, we can use your date of birth. (Your real birth, not your persona's!) Don't worry, we won't tell anyone, and we won't bug you on your birthday.

*Date submitted: The date you give, mail, or otherwise convey the completed forms and your money to a warranted herald.

*Consulting Herald, *Herald's email/phone: You must include the name and contact information of a person (other than yourself) who helped you with this submission. A second pair of eyes is always a good thing, even if you're a herald yourself. If you can't find anyone to be your consulting herald, contact Eastern Crown Herald for a referral.

Name previously submitted but not registered: This section is required for all resubmissions. Write your previous name submission, exactly as it was submitted. Write in the kingdom it was submitted from, and the date of the letter that notified you of the return.

Name processing criteria: This section covers many common possibilities for required and requested changes. If you have instructions and requests that aren't covered, give the information in the documentation section of the form. Major and Minor changes: Indicate your level of flexibility for necessary or requested changes to your submitted name. Leaving both of these boxes blank means you're flexible on the exact form your name takes; checking the top box ("no major changes") means you're only somewhat flexible, and checking the bottom box ("no major or minor changes") means you're not flexible at all. Warning: if you check the bottom box, even a minor error will result in a return! If my name must be changed: There is often more than one way to "tweak" a name to make it registerable. This is where you can tell us what direction to go if it turns out that your name isn't quite correct as submitted. If you checked the "no major or minor changes" box above, don't bother with this section. Desired gender: The gender of the submitter and the gender of the submitted name aren't required to match, so we ask separately about the two. If you just want this name because it sounds nifty, you can check "don't care". If you're submitting the name of a household, leave this section blank. Please CHANGE my name to be authentic: Fill this in ONLY if you want Laurel to change your name to be more authentic, even if it's registerable without changes. Please don't choose this option if you checked "no major or minor changes" above; that's a contradiction. Holding Name: if you're not submitting anything besides your name, or if you already have a registered name, then this doesn't apply.

*Name Documentation: Every word in a Society name must be documented as being compatible with period naming practices or otherwise registerable.

Summarize your documentation on the submission form. Tell us where you found each name element, and what your source says about it: date, gender, meaning, language, etc. (as appropriate). When citing a book, give the author, title, edition, page number(s), and header name(s). "Header name" means the name at the beginning of an entry in a dictionary-type source. It narrows down where we have to look on the page, and helps us recover if the page number or edition is wrong. When citing a website, give the author and title of the article, the URL, the date you accessed the page, and any section titles or similar information that can help us find the specific name or entry.

Documentation that comes from a standard SCA source listed in Appendix H of the Administrative Handbook needs only the summary on the form. All other documentation must include photocopies or printouts of the cited information. For books, copy the page(s) cited, the title page, and the publication information page (which gives the publisher, edition, date, and ISBN; it's usually on the back of the title page). For websites, include only the first page and the page(s) with relevant information. It's helpful if you include the URL and the date in a header or footer. Underline or mark pertinent details on each copy.

We ask for multiple copies because each is going to a different place. You may paperclip each name form to its copy of the documentation, but do not use staples or other nonremovable fastening methods.

Amount Received, Date Received, etc.: Your herald may use the 'Local' line for keeping track of your money.


Send 1 copy of the name submission form and 1 copy of any accompanying documentation. From the U.S., mail submissions to Eastern Crown Herald, and from Canada, mail submissions to Badger Herald (names and addresses at, or in Pikestaff). Make checks or money orders payable to "SCA Inc., East Kingdom", in the amount of $8 U.S. per new submitted item (device, badge, name).
East v1.2 for Laurel v2.0, 07 Oct 2006 (rev. 2011)

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