Installing el-cid from the ntia web Site

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Step 9. Click the Next button. The Select Program Folder screen appears with ELCID selected.

Step 10. Click the Next button. If EL-CID was previously installed on your system, the following Information screen appears.

After reading the message, click the OK button.
The Start Copying Files screen appears.

Confirm that the correct destination folders are selected.

Step 11. Click the Next button. Progress bars will be displayed during the install. When the install is complete, the following Information screen appears.

Step 12. Click OK. The Setup Complete screen will appear.

Make sure the Yes, I want to launch ELCID now box is NOT checked.
If the install detected a previous installation of EL-CID, the Yes, I want to launch the Database Upgrade Wizard now box will be checked. If you are certain there is no data in the older install that you want to port into the new installation, you may uncheck this box.
Note: Users who participated in testing of Alpha or Beta versions of the EL-CID software should uncheck this box, i.e., not run the wizard. The ability to transfer records between developmental versions of the program is not guaranteed.

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