Inquiry Question(s) – a focus on Using Evidence Was Nat Turner a Hero? Was Nat Turner’s Revolt a Success? Context

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Your choice__________

Doc. 4

A. This document is reliable evidence that Nat Turner’s revolt scared the white population in Virginia.

B. This document is reliable evidence of why Nat Turner revolted.

C. This document is reliable evidence that there was a connection between slaves learning to preach and their leading of revolts.

Your choice__________

Doc. 5

A. This document is reliable evidence of Nat Turner’s personal qualities.

B. This document is reliable evidence that some people came to view Nat Turner as a hero, a freedom fighter.

C. This document is reliable evidence that Nat Turner’s revolt was a success.

Your choice__________

Exercise 2 – Interpreting Primary Sources: Making Inferences
I. Below are 3 statements about Document 6. Some of the statements are reasonable inferences, others are not – that is, they are not supported by Document 6. In the space provided, write “yes” or “no” for each statement that is or is not a reasonable inference about Document 6.

1. Nat Turner’s revolt targeted all white people living in that area.

A reasonable inference__________

2. Nat Turner’s revolt was able to strike a blow against the state police and militia that enforced Virginia’s slave laws.

A reasonable inference__________

3. All the people killed by Nat Turner and his followers were slave owners or members of a slave owning family.

A reasonable inference__________
Exercise 3 - Interpreting Primary Sources: When Sources Conflict

Many primary source documents conflict with one another. They offer views or evidence that lead to different or even opposing conclusions about an event, an individual, or time period. How to work with conflicting sources is a problem every historian faces. Sources rarely all agree with one another. This means you have to make choices about which source is more reliable, more useful, or more typical of the time period. It means that historians need to find sources that support each other in order to develop credible explanations and analysis of historical events.

From the documents in this lesson, choose two that you think conflict with one another. In the space below write a paragraph describing the content of the documents you have chosen. Explain how these documents conflict with one another.

Your Conclusion
Using your knowledge about what happened in Virginia in 1831, and your thoughts and questions about the source documents, respond to either of the following question.
Was Nat Turner a Hero?

Was Nat Turner’s Revolt a Success?
Base your response on what you know about the event, what you can infer from the documents, and evidence gathered from the documents you regard as most reliable.

OUSD 11th History Assessment / Support Activity / Adapted From “History Unfolding” by Mindsparks / page #

Directory: cms -> lib07 -> CA01001176 -> Centricity -> Domain -> 103
103 -> Ousd history/Social Studies – Preparing for the 11th grade U. S. History Assessment a focus on Understanding and Evaluating President Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” Part I – Reading History
103 -> Ousd 8th Grade U. S. History Writing Assessment- spring, 2012 Introduction On this assessment you will be asked to write a response to the following historical question
103 -> What was the purpose of American Indian Boarding Schools, such as the Carlisle Indian Industrial School (1879-1918)?
103 -> Name Period Date
103 -> Instructional services
103 -> Oakland Unified School District 8th Grade – U. S. History Assessment Fall Semester, 2010 2011 Agree or Disagree
103 -> Were the British soldiers guilty of murder, or were they innocent, acting in self-defense?
103 -> Answer Key Juror task #1 – Read the information contained in packet #1
103 -> Citing a document creating a summary statement
103 -> Instructional services

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