Inquiry Question(s) – a focus on Using Evidence Was Nat Turner a Hero? Was Nat Turner’s Revolt a Success? Context

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Exercises with Source Documents
Exercise 1- Primary Sources: How Trustworthy of Reliable?
Primary sources are records from the past. But this does not mean they can always tell you exactly how life “really was” in the past. You need to evaluate such sources carefully to be able to learn things from them. For example, one important question you need to ask of every primary sources is this:

  • How trustworthy or reliable is this source? In other words, can you depend on it to give you information that you can use to answer a specific essay question you have been given?

Keep in mind that a reliable source need not be accurate or truthful. An inaccurate report, for example, may still be reliable as evidence of what people believed at the time.

This exercise will help you think about the source reliability. Next to each document or source are three statements about the document’s trustworthiness or reliability. For each document, choose the one statement you agree with most. Mark your choice in the space provided. Discuss your choices in class.

Directory: cms -> lib07 -> CA01001176 -> Centricity -> Domain -> 103
103 -> Ousd history/Social Studies – Preparing for the 11th grade U. S. History Assessment a focus on Understanding and Evaluating President Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” Part I – Reading History
103 -> Ousd 8th Grade U. S. History Writing Assessment- spring, 2012 Introduction On this assessment you will be asked to write a response to the following historical question
103 -> What was the purpose of American Indian Boarding Schools, such as the Carlisle Indian Industrial School (1879-1918)?
103 -> Name Period Date
103 -> Instructional services
103 -> Oakland Unified School District 8th Grade – U. S. History Assessment Fall Semester, 2010 2011 Agree or Disagree
103 -> Were the British soldiers guilty of murder, or were they innocent, acting in self-defense?
103 -> Answer Key Juror task #1 – Read the information contained in packet #1
103 -> Citing a document creating a summary statement
103 -> Instructional services

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