Inquiry Question(s) – a focus on Using Evidence Was Nat Turner a Hero? Was Nat Turner’s Revolt a Success? Context

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Inquiry Question(s) – A Focus on Using Evidence

Was Nat Turner a Hero?

Was Nat Turner’s Revolt a Success?

Still, whether in cities or on farms, slaves never lost sight of their goal of freedom. For some, it was a time to take action. Nat Turner, a slave in Virginia, organized a rebellion.

While in the woods, he experienced a vision that he interpreted as a call to “lead and organize his fellow slaves in a struggle for freedom.” In August 1831, a partial eclipse of the sun convinced Turner that the time was ripe. Gathering more than 50 followers as he moved from plantation to plantation. Turner’s band attacked four plantations and killed about 70 whites. By the fifth attack, an alarm alerted whites who captured and executed 16 members of Turner’s band. Though Turner himself hid out for several weeks, eventually was captured, tried, and hanged.

- from The Americans, p. 155.

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