Inquiry into the Workplace Relations Framework actu submission to the Productivity Commission

Feature Conciliation & Arbitration

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Conciliation & Arbitration

Fair Work

Provide for Awards to be created and maintained

C&A Act ss.19-40

C&A Act s. 38(f)-(g) also provided for awards or parts thereof to apply throughout an industry

TCPA Act, Schedule 5

FW Act, Part 2-3

Provide for Minimum Wages to be fixed and maintained

C&A Act s. 40(a)

Excise Tariff Act 1906 s.2(b)-(d)

FW Act, Part 2-6 & s. 156(3) & 157(2)

Provide for Collective Agreements to be made

C&A Act s. 24 & Part VI

FW Act Part 2-4

Provide a framework for the resolution of industrial disputes

C&A Act ss. 23-25, 34-35

FW Act s. 236-246

Provide for the compulsory arbitration of industrial disputes.

C&A Act s. 24(2)-28

FW Act Part 3-3 (Divisions 6-7) & Part 2-5

Protect freedom of Association prevent discrimination

C&A Act ss.9-10

FW Act Part 3-1

Regulate Industrial Action & Lockouts

C&A act s. 6-8

FW Act Part 3-3

Regulate Industrial Organisations

C&A Act. s.47, 55-72, Schedule B

RO Act

This historical consistency demonstrated above accords with the account given of the objects and purposes of industrial relations laws by leading and respected academics in the area. Owens, Riley and Murray7 posit seven purposes of the law of work:

Their analysis of each of these purposes tends to suggest that they are subsets of two overriding and interlinked objectives: A protective objective and a redistributive objective.

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