Information on the therapeutic tourism in Egypt

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Information on the therapeutic tourism in Egypt

As Egypt is one of the most prominent tourist country in the world where the number of among 124 countries in tourism competitiveness index.

Egypt was famous Bmdnha and its mineral and sulfur and dry atmosphere free from moisture and Mathtwe soil of sand and silt for the treatment of many diseases, and the multiplicity of its beaches and water seas, with its unique natural properties.

The spread in Egypt sulfur springs and mineral characterized by unique chemical installed. Which exceeds the rate of all mineral and sulfur springs in the world. Furthermore the availability of silt in the pools of these sulfur springs with its therapeutic properties of the cured many diseases, bone and digestive diseases, respiratory infections, skin diseases, etc., as also proven treatment for patients with rheumatoid arthritis by burial in the sand.

Research also confirmed that the waters of the Red Sea and the presence of chemical laden with coral reefs, which helps healing of psoriasis. There are various tourist areas, which have the advantage of medical tourism in Egypt, areas of known historic ancient, such as: Helwan tourists visiting Egypt more than 9.79 million tourists in 2007. Egypt is also ranked 58th, Ain-Sira, Al Ain Sokhna, Hurghada, Fayoum, the oasis, Aswan, Sinai, and finally the city of Safaga parked on the beach of the Red Sea, which has all the elements of tourism treatment and to be visited tourist groups and fame that comes black sand have the ability to get rid of some skin diseases.

Ancient Egyptians believed that the human will send a second after his death to live the life of immortality and so were keen to retain the bodies of the dead through the stuffed, and mummification process means the ancient Egyptians, as they observed burial of the dead bodies away from the infiltration of water and placed in the graves vulnerable in dry places in the desert and within pyramids, and these operations are under advanced medical science and qualified doctors are able to use all the largesse of the nature of the chemical and pharmaceutical substances.

Before the birth of Christ, three thousand years gave birth to Egypt "Aamahotb" Dean of Medicine and pioneering the first global consensus of historians. The name means Alheiroglevy who comes in peace, "the minister that the doctor architectural high priest singers, and above all, Rafie said the first stone in history: the pyramid of the King" Zoser "Saqqara.

On the humanity after the child, the first was given to Egypt in "Oamahotb" medical genius, and he says it, "James Henry Breasted," and Kurt olive oil "that the inventor first art of medicine without a competitor. Abdul in Memphis agency for recovery. And saying," Owsley ": it is the first picture of a doctor realistic, and became a popular god loved.

With the growing archaeological discoveries, which left over time emerged the importance of medical and therapeutic for many of the sites around Egypt such as Helwan, Fayoum, South Sinai and Safaga to enjoy these places of mineral water, sand and dunes able to treat and cure many incurable diseases in our world today, such as skin diseases and rheumatic.

We have realized the importance of medical and therapeutic Faqamt these places for the care and attention, where it became the most prestigious places of healing the world.

Thus, Egypt occupied a privileged position on the map of medical tourism has become a popular destination for those who want treatment from all over the world, with the tourists to enjoy the climate of health and medical treatment, natural under the auspices of medical specialists in all branches and modern hospitals having the latest equipment the world supported by specialists in exercise and physical therapy at the highest the level of service. In addition to providing a variety of tourist programs to visit places of gravity unique in Egypt.

Egypt's natural healing:

Spread in Egypt hundreds of natural springs and wells of mineral water and sulfur, vary in depth, capacity and temperature of 30.73 degrees Celsius. Proved analysis laboratory to contain many of these natural springs at the highest percentage of elemental sulfur compared to wells located in various parts of the world as it contains natural water on several metal salts and some metals of the therapeutic value such as sodium carbonate and varying proportions of some metallic elements such as magnesium and iron .
 As shown by measurements of laboratory appropriateness of salinity in the natural water resources for the purposes of hospital and added to the proliferation of water wells, natural clean drinking water, which has expanded investment in Egypt and produced economically in recent years under the control of rigorous scientific quality and standards in terms of purity of the impurities and parasites and bacteria, and the degree of water hardness and chemical composition, which has led many national and foreign companies to compete for major investment in this area.

It was not the sands of Egypt are less affluent than water studies have shown to contain the Egyptian desert sand dunes on the percentage of safe and great interest from the radioactive elements, treatment caused bury the body or painful situation than sand for periods of a deliberate and specific to the unprecedented results in several diseases, rheumatic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and pain resulting from spinal diseases and other causes of acute and chronic pain, which puzzled the modern medicine.

The objectives of medical tourism a visit to Egypt, where they are in the governorate of New Valley, oases, and areas of the Sinai treatment of burials in hot sand and water treatment as well as the presence of natural springs such as the eyes of Moses and Ain Helwan.

Adopted the medical tourism and hospital in Egypt for a long time on natural ingredients and is one of the richest environments where there are natural elements of therapeutic importance, where there are natural springs of sulfur, and mineral sands and warm.

The most important places for medical tourism in Egypt:

Egypt has 16 locations internally and coastline where there natural cures for many diseases, especially rheumatic diseases and vitiligo and psoriasis Among the most famous of those areas of Helwan, famous as the city of healing the sacred and the Valley Marriott and Wadi Natrun Oasis maniy the Western Desert and Oasis of Amun and Ain Sukhna baths of Cleopatra in the Red Sea, and others. And estimated the number of eyes distributed in most parts of Egypt with 1356 eyes, including five in the eyes of Helwan and 3 in the eye of Sira and 36 in Fayoum and 4 in Wadi Rayan and 33 in the Sinai Peninsula and 315 in the oasis of marine and 106 in Siwa, in addition to the huge number an estimated 564 on-Dakhla Oasis and 188 in emerging and 75 in the Farafra and the rest is spread in the Gulf of Suez and the Qattara and Wadi Natrun and neighbor.

Egypt is famous Bmdnha and its mineral and sulfur-free and dry atmosphere of the moisture content and soil of sand and silt for the treatment of many diseases, and the multiplicity of its beaches and water seas, with its unique natural properties.

The spread in Egypt sulfur springs and mineral features installed chemical uniqueness, which exceeds the rate of all the sulfur springs and mineral in the world as well as on the availability of silt in the pools of these sulfur springs with its therapeutic properties cures many bone diseases and diseases of the digestive system, respiratory and skin diseases, etc., As also common treatment for patients with rheumatoid arthritis by burial in the sand, as research has shown that the waters of the Red Sea laden with chemical and the presence of coral reefs, which helps the healing of psoriasis and multiple tourist areas which have the advantage of medical tourism in Egypt, which are areas of known historic ancient, such as: Helwan , set the stall, Al Ain Sokhna, Hurghada, Fayoum, the oasis, Aswan, Sinai, and finally the city of Safaga parked on the shore of the Red Sea and which possesses all the elements of medical tourism, which Tamha all tourist groups come fame that the black sand has the ability to get rid of some skin diseases .

1. Salinas Burj Al Arab.


Medical tourism has become an integral part of the system of global tourism and despite the availability of the elements of medical tourism in Egypt, but its features have not yet been completed despite the success of multiple areas on the Red Sea, such as Mount Sinai on the Gulf of Suez and Sharm el-Sheikh on the Gulf of Aqaba .. And still Arab tourists who seek treatment go to the Dead Sea in Israel because of the potential tourist progress there although the Dead Sea, full of pollutants that cause the metal to reduce the success rate of treatment required. The student scientific research conducted recently need to tap the potential and the location of Salinas of Burj Al Arab, where the presence of natural brines high concentration and the right atmosphere in the field of environmental recuperation of psoriasis and other diseases.

The water salt works of natural origin which sea water is characterized by water Salinas Burj Al Arab, the existence of special conditions related to the environment construction, design and organization of the basins of focus and shape and drainage, can control the degree of focus, either mitigation or focus, and this water feature Bmlahat Burj Al Arab in the case of use in treatment of Psoriasis and the possibility of getting the focus to be on time for this, as characterized by Salinas Burj Al Arab, the presence of hills north and south of navigation works bulwark blocking a natural against wind and sand storms, and the atmosphere of the region free from pollution and impurities that dispersion of the sun, and there are also basins like bays (calm waters) is not the wave function as a mirror reflecting the rays of the sun to the earth's surface, in addition to the salinity of a very high increase of up to seven times the water Bay, Safaga, and thus ease of buoyancy and reduce the forces of gravity, which leads to a significant improvement in the activity of the blood within the body and thus increase the the amount of blood reaching the skin and thus a balance between the amount of salts within the body and outside it, and this balance has a significant impact on the speed of healing of psoriasis. In addition to all this area has elements of a natural aesthetic beauty and conveniently helps to relax the patient and improve his mood.

These features of the Salinas Burj Al Arab makes it a competitor of importance in the treatment of natural for patients with psoriasis, especially for regions of the Dead Sea, which has significant disadvantages such as lack of sunlight in the region during the autumn and winter, and lower the Dead Sea area from the sea 390 meters, making it unsuitable for heart patients, and increase the proportion of component bromine, the virus that causes skin allergies .. To all this can be used to the climatic conditions and environmental salt concentration Bmlahh Burj Al Arab for the treatment of patients with psoriasis and the development of the Burj Al Arab on the map of medical tourism.
As for the operation of Salinas Burj Al Arab, this is by feeding basin focus, which starts from the city of bath water to the sea via a pipe extending into the sea a length of 250 meters, this line ends Bmasorten subgroups along the one-two 5-meter is the way the withdrawal of sea water, and pour Almasortan in the orchard where the leaching of sea water in Biyara to get rid of impurities, sand, fish and marine organisms, and then pulls the water into the pipe core flowing sea water clean in the basin focus, with a basin area to focus the first 6 km length in the presentation of 1.8 km, and in this basin is precipitation of carbonate salts. The transfer of water from the basin of the first focus to the pool on the second through the gates and leave the water to concentrate, and in this basin are precipitation of salts, gypsum, and then transfer the solution from the lake to focus the second crystallization to be precipitation of sodium chloride evaporation solar, and the number of sedimentation basins in Salinas Burj Al Arab 5 basins four of which $ 70 per square meter in the display length of 1200 meters, while the fifth stands at 1000 meters in length and width 700 meters, and the salt is deposited at a concentration of 26 to 28 Baumes 'symptom Baumes' symptom, this is the way to run the full navigation Burj Al Arab.
And the intervention of Alexandria in the field of tourism therapeutic alternative, especially that Joe Borg El-Arab fit well with this project because the humidity medium with a temperature between 15 and 20 ° C, which affects mood and health of tourists, who wanting to hospitalization, especially as tourists therapeutic advantage for the tourist the normal length of residence in the city treatment of this period ranging between two to four weeks, in addition to the rate of spending will be double for this tourist .. We must emphasize that it is not necessary to serve the medical tourism patients only, but extends to the healthy and the businessmen who would like to recreation and away from the rhythm of modern life, where tourists enjoy the calm and beauty immersion in mineral water with salinity of appropriate exercise and some sports light.
I would like to point out that the first to develop the scientific basis for medical tourism in Egypt is Dr. "Hassan Bek Mahmoud Hakim", through the manuscript, which was discovered in the municipal library mahram and your entitled to "the fountain brink of chilling in the pools of Helwan," which placed nearly 127 years.

2. Medical tourism in Sinai.

Is the South Sinai area high characterized by quiet, low humidity and the presence of the water sulfur that may be used to treat and cure many diseases and also the hot sand soft in some areas, and that benefit in the treatment of rheumatic diseases in addition to what is known by the species of many herbs and natural plants used in medicine and treatment .

There is Sinai a lot of water springs hot like Pharaoh's Bath and Spa Moses of historical interest and that these baths clinical importance due to the containment of water sulfur, in addition to all this mild climate and unique location on the shore of the Gulf of Suez and the sanctity of the region and its own from the heart of the adherents of the three monotheistic religions to alike.

A. Pharaoh's Bath:

Are pools of Pharaoh on the Gulf of Suez, 250 km from Cairo, a group of springs of water sulfur hot has a temperature of 27 Celsius and flowing from Mount Pharaoh's Bath on the blessing strongly 3000 cubic meters per day to roughly stretching on the beach, a length of 100 meters, a adjacent to the sea, and there is the highest mountain cave carved rock sauna uses Khmam normal due to emission of heat from the hot sulfur water from the bottom of the cave above.

An analysis of water in terms of their chemical properties and bacteriological and natural proven and effectiveness of the excellent in the treatment of many diseases, most notably rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatism of various kinds, and diseases of the digestive system, kidney disease, and the sensitivity of the lung, and liver diseases, skin diseases, and injuries sidelined, that the benefits used for the purposes of beauty , and the concentration of sulfur in the water rate is one of the highest rates of this element in the mineral water in the world. In addition to all this mild climate throughout the year, and air dry, and large areas of warm sand, which can be used in physical therapy, which is surrounded by a chain of mountains . This has been a wonderful ingredient impetus to the creation of spa tourism under the name "Spa Resort Pharaoh" (still under construction) is the first and unique in its kind in Egypt and the Middle East, a tourist village and a center for treatment of environmental, combining medical tourism, entertainment and sports.

Potential treatment center:

- Exercise therapy and massage.
- Water treatment.
- Treatment of the body.
- Treatment of the face.

B. Bath Moses:

The city of Mount Sinai and the waters flowing from the eyes of five are in the bath tub in the form of a building surrounded by water, according to sulfur, which brings the temperature of 37 ° C in the healing of many rheumatic diseases and skin and Gary create a global spa bath area of ​​Moses.

3. Medical Tourism in Aswan.

There is also a medical tourism enjoyed by the Aswan hugely popular destination in addition to being interested in the treatment of various diseases, notably arthritis who was treated in ways that primitive to inform the patient's body the hot desert sand.

Research has been conducted many the knowledge of experts and international institutions have proved the validity of an atmosphere of Aswan in the treatment of chronic diseases due to its high levels of ultraviolet radiation, low humidity, where up to 43.4% during the period from December to March, while the figure in England during the same period between 75% to 100%.

The rays of the sun throughout the year with dry weather Akunan ideal environment for the treatment of rheumatic diseases such as bronchitis, asthma, chronic inflammation of the kidneys.

There Aswan centers for the treatment of sand and water, and the proposed establishment of a tourist village in the area stretching between the Hotel Cataract and Aswan Reservoir include special centers for physiotherapy, and clinics for patients with rheumatism and skin diseases, and accommodation for theaters, cinemas, sports stadiums, building berths for boats Nile cruises and cruise ships .

As is known, the region has known for treatment in a primitive burial in the sand.

4. Medical tourism in Helwan.

Lies the suburb of Helwan, thirty kilometers from the heart of Cairo to the east of the River Nile, which lies on its bank about four kilometers, rising from the sea about forty meters.

Helwan is characterized by very dry, and the percentage of moisture does not exceed 58% in addition to the eyes of several metal and sulfur are unmatched in the world in terms of the degree of purity and therapeutic interest, has been established by the Centre for Natural Medicine of sulfurated and treatment of pain and rheumatic diseases.

Due date of treatment water Helwan to the year 1899, then renewed the bathrooms in 1955, has established the Center of Helwan sulfur for rheumatism and natural medicine in the style of an Islamic Arab stylish, which includes 38 rooms for treatment of water sulfate and rooms to rest, and chalets for a patient just steps away from treatment areas, all surrounded by beautiful gardens, making it the perfect place to set up patients and convalescents.

The center includes a group of doctors specializing in rheumatic diseases and natural medicine are the signing of the exact medical examination of patients before embarking on treatment, and after to determine the appropriate treatment for each case the patient is placed under medical surveillance for the full period of treatment and place of residence. It is a special file for each patient saves the medical archives of the Centre for reference when needed to facilitate follow-up patients in their reluctance to the center.

Helwan Center is equipped with the following:

• device for diagnostic radiology.
• an integrated medical laboratory for all laboratory tests and analysis.
• Department of Internal Medicine and the heart is equipped with modern ECG.
• Electric water bath for the treatment of water.
• steam bath.
• devices for ultraviolet waves and short waves and current and Galfanek Alvaradriq and ultrasound.
• bathroom sulfur only in the Middle of the movements and Sports under the water.
• Bathroom carbon dioxide for the treatment of diseases of the circulatory system, a special section for the treatment of sulfur mud
• sports forum (Beim) wide and equipped with the latest equipment and sports physical therapy.
• a special section agility and weight loss.
• Department of the massage.
• massage under the water.
• Department of wax.

Diseases that address the status of Helwan:
• osteoarthritis.
• Romatoyd muscle fiber.
• inflammation of the nerves and the pain it caused.
• paralysis and a weakening of the parties.
• neurological and psychiatric diseases.
• chronic gout (disease of kings).
• respiratory diseases (chronic sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma, chronic bronchitis).
• skin diseases (scabies, eczema, acne, psoriasis. (
• stiffness in the joints, and fractures healed uncomplicated healing wrong.
• a chronic shortage of arterial session of the Parties.
• inflammation of the ovaries and fallopian tubes, which results in primary and secondary infertility.
• obesity and disease.

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