Influences forming Plato’s views of the world workbook answers

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Exam-style question

Part (a)

As this is a very wide question, you should start by limiting your response to a manageable size in your introduction. For example: ‘The best way to describe these religious responses is to look at the work of Polkinghorne…Swinburne…McGrath…Davies.’ Use one or two of these philosophers but not all. You might describe the writings that explore the fine-tuning of the universe that Polkinghorne seems to suggest was waiting for humanity, or the biological challenges from McGrath to Dawkins. Make sure you choose a route that allows you to construct a thorough answer in approximately 25–28 minutes.

Part (b)

Here you are free to answer the question from any point of view. You might, for example, take the statement in the question apart and assess the idea that religious people understand the world at all; evaluating the writings of those who think they have successfully challenged science but in your view have failed. Alternatively, you could assess the view from the perspective of religious believers being successful in their endeavour. You could even conclude that there is not enough evidence on either side to come to a decision on this debate.

Topic 13

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