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Creationists and the Big Bang theory

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Creationists and the Big Bang theory

1 Here are four options. You may of course choose others.

Flat-Earth creationists take a very literal view of the Judaeo-Christian Scriptures and the description of the world. They believe, as the name suggests, that the Earth is flat and covered with a firmament or solid dome.

Young-Earth creationists believe that the Earth is between 6,000 and 10,000 years old, again as described in Genesis. Most believe that the universe is the same age as the Earth though some admit it may be older.

Day-Age creationists hold the view that the ‘six-days’ of the Book of Genesis are not ordinary 24-hour days but instead are periods of time that could be the equivalent of millions of years.

Neo-Creationists aim to move away from the other forms and hope to find a formula that is more palatable to the general public. They aim to re-frame the debate about the beginnings of life in non-religious terms and without appeals to Scripture.

2 He was controversial in his lifetime for his championing of heliocentrism rather than geocentricism. This caused controversy among astronomers and not just church scholars. In his writing Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems he seemed to be attacking Pope Urban VIII, which brought him once again to the attention of the Inquisition. Their finding of him as ‘vehemently suspect of heresy’ led to his house arrest.

3 One of the problems scholars had with his work was that his idea about orbits did not place the stars on maps as accurately as the writings of Ptolemy, which allowed people to navigate. This was because he thought orbits were circular, which made all his predictive positioning wrong.

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