Influences forming Plato’s views of the world workbook answers

Nightfall preceding 23 October 4004 bce. 14

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13 Nightfall preceding 23 October 4004 bce.

14 Ussher used dates he knew such as the deaths of Alexander, Julius Caesar and the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar. Beyond these he looked at other considerations, such as the Masoretic version of history, which claimed an unbroken history of careful transcription dating back centuries. He deemed this more reliable than the inconsistent dates found in the Torah. He believed that his choice was confirmed by the date placing creation exactly 4,000 years before the supposed birth of Christ. He also calculated Solomon’s Temple as having been completed in the year 3,000, counting from creation, so that gave him 1,000 years from Solomon’s Temple to Christ, the fulfilment of the Temple. When judging his calculations, it is worth keeping in mind that he died in 1656, at the age of 75, long before anyone realised that the universe was in fact billions of years old.

15 Creationists believe that the earth/universe was entirely the creation of God and if we look at Genesis we find the story attempts to demonstrate how and where God created. Looking back from the creation that we see around us, a number of philosophers and theologians have attempted to prove the existence of God by seeing design in the universe that points to a divine hand behind this design. Darwin’s theory of evolution and particularly the survival of the fittest would suggest that the universe is much more random, with no evidence of divine design. The idea that creatures evolve, some of which are a genetic dead end and others thrive, is, for Darwin, more to do with nature cruel in tooth and claw than with a benevolent Creator working to a design.

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