Influences forming Plato’s views of the world workbook answers

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Exam-style question

Part (a)

You may take a number of approaches to this question. You could, for example, explore the material in your answers to the above questions, looking at the relationship between the Jewish people and their God, starting with the idea implanted in Genesis that after each day of creation ‘God saw that it was good’. You might explain the teachings on goodness found in the Book of Job, the Song of Songs or in some of the psalms.

You might also focus on the idea that Jewish writers would have had to question about the goodness of God in their minds. This led them to the idea that everything good about themselves, including any good ethical decisions they made, came from God. You could also explore the problems using a word like ‘good’ about God. Some of these were raised and explored by philosophers such as Thomas Aquinas. He, for example, talks about our ability to be good by resisting temptation, which is not a sense that could be applied to God.

Part (b)

This question will lead you to a quick definition of the Euthyphro Dilemma and explanation of the question of whether goodness comes from God’s commands. You might then analyse the idea of Divine Command Theory, where you can explore the question of whether or not God can command things which from a human perspective might seem to be evil; for example the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, where it was unlikely that everyone was evil.

Topic 5

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